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We are growing!


Growth, what does that mean exactly within Little Bellas?  Yes, our girls are getting older, and we have more junior mentors that have spent their childhood in the program.  It means more than that though.  We have been saying that Little Bellas is growing because we are! It’s really exciting! This growth process is something that our board of directors and I have spent a lot of time working on. We are giving regional coordinators in nine areas throughout the tools to create a program of their own, and a new Little Bellas employee in Massachusetts named Tracy Remelius supports them through the process. That’s right NINE new regions!


We have been getting ready for this growth from some time now. It really important to me that we grow in a way that all the girls in the program continue to have a positive experience. They need to leave with the same smiles that happened after our original Vermont program. Not everything is going to be the same in every region, nor should it. You can rest assure that the high-energy, fun filled encouragement that we started with remains in every program.


How have we done this? We’ve mainly used technology, a shiny new website and web based video called. Gorilla Wed Studio built us a platform where each mentor from around the country can log in and access our games and curriculum.  They are based out of Lincoln, VT and are specifically geared toward non-profit web design.  They are AMAZING!  We now have video trainings with every mentor and junior mentor in the program that they created for us.  It's the single most important piece of our growth.  Finally, we visit all of our chapters to answer question and teach bike skills in person.


Here’s a list:

Fountain Hills, Arizona

Santa Cruz, CA

Marin County, CA

Lehigh Valley, PA

Park City, UT

Craftsbury, VT

Rutland, VT


Coming soon this fall!

Pittsfield, MA

Philadelphia, PA


We opened registration for all Spring programs on January 1st, and we will do the same for the rest of our programs this morning.   Get those typing fingers ready! Our programs fill fast and furiously, which is a testament to how many girls are truly excited to get on bikes and ride!


Through this year, tune into this space for Lea’s progress on her roll to the Rio Olympics, updates from me, and blog post from mentors, participants, and mentor leads from all around the country. These are exciting times, so we want to share them with you.


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