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Naming bike parts, bike familiarity

Set Up/Materials

Cones in a ~200 meter circular track. Make a start line perpendicular to the circle and a finish/tag line before the circle ends. Designate a safe area for the girls to stand after they have finished their laps. Please stick very closely to the diagram for stopping and standing zones.  This game is dangerous when played incorrectly.


Trivia relay is a relay race with two teams and the girls do one (correct answer) or two (incorrect answer or can't answer in the amount of time it takes their teammate to ride a lap) laps based on if they answer a question correctly. This question and answer format is repeated until every girl on each team completes their laps.

  • Divide the girls into two groups of equal numbers. Add a mentor if you don’t have an even number of girls.
  • Line the girls up in two single file lines with one mentor asking the question at the front of the start line.
  • The mentor asks the first two girls in line the same question (see example Question List at the bottom of this game description). Give the girls ~30 seconds to answer their question.
  • The two girls at the front of the line are the only two allowed to answer the question.
  • If a question only has one correct answer, then the first girl to say the correct answer gets one lap, the second girl to answer gets two laps. (ex: What is this part of the bike? Mentor points to seat.  The first girl to answer seat gets one lap, the other girl rides two laps.)
  • If the question has two or more correct answers, then the girls can't repeat an answer or say the same answer. If they both answer with unique, correct answers, both the girls get one lap.
  • Ask the next two girls in line a different question. They have until their teammate finishes their lap(s) to answer the question. Same answer/ lap rules apply. If the girls can’t answer in the time it takes their teammate to ride their laps, they get two laps.
  • There are only two girls, one from each team, on course at a time. Once a question is answered, the girls always want to jump the gun and start their laps. But each girl has to wait until the teammate before them crosses the finish line to start her lap(s). There is no body to body tagging. The start and finish lines are actually somewhat physically separated (see diagram).
Mentor Roles
  • Start / question-asking mentor: One mentor is asking questions, assigning them one or two laps, and making sure the girls start their laps at the appropriate times.
  • Lap mentor: One mentor directs the girls to continue on to their second lap or finish (in the middle of the circle or perhaps outside depending on available space) when she is done.
  • Finish mentor: One mentor stands with the girls who have finished their laps and makes sure everyone stays out of the path of travel.
  • Relay mentor: One mentor may have to even out the teams if you have an odd number of girls.
  • Extra mentors? Have them go to the finish area to make sure the girls stay there and don’t disrupt the game as it continues.
  • Do not allow the flow of lapping girls and girls entering the track to converge.  Manage your girls who are stopping.  Collisions can happen in this game if not run properly.
  • This game is ideal to play with approximately 10 girls. It should not be played with more than 20 girls. There are too many girls standing around and not enough riding with a larger group.
  • It’s important to run this game on a day you have enough mentors to manage your groups during this game (at least three mentors per group). It’s not a great game for a low mentor day.

Sample Trivia Relay Questions

  • What State did Little Bellas start in?
  • Name 3 Bike parts
  • Name 2 mentors that are related (only in program this is applicable)
  • Is it better for the trail for you to go through a puddle or around it?
  • What do our ABCs stand for?
  • Name 5 veggies
  • Is mountain biking an Olympic sport?
  • Does the right hand control the front or back brake?
  • Name three rivers
  • Name a professional cyclist
  • Name three female athletes
  • Sing a verse from a Disney theme song
  • What part of your bike has links? (older girls only)
  • Name this part of the bike (point)
  • What do you sit on?
  • Name three flowers
  • Name one bike part that starts with D
  • Name the tools used to put air in your tires
  • What changes your gears? (Older girls)
  • What part of your bike touches the ground?
  • What part of your bike touches your feet?
  • What part of your bike touches your hands?
  • What tube is this? Go through head tube, down tube, chain stay, and seat
  • stay. (point)
  • What piece of equipment can you never forget? (helmet)
  • How do you know your helmet is tight enough?
  • Name a bicycle brand
  • Name a human powered vehicle
  • Name the colors in a rainbow (ROYGBIV)
  • What is the name of Harry Potter’s pet owl? (Hedwig)
  • What color is a Smurf (blue)
  • Name 3 of the characters inside Riley in the Movie Inside Out (fear/joy/disgust/anger/sadness)
  • In the movie The Incredibles, Edna would NOT allow what one wardrobe item? (capes)
  • What’s one way to fuel your body when you’re out riding (hydrate, water/ trail snack)
  • Name at least 2 items you need to fix a flat tire (older/return girls) (new tube, pump, tire levers)
  • How much water should you drink in an hour of hard riding (one bottle per hour)

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