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The Wheels are Rollin’

The 2015 season is proving to be our best ever. Simply put, we are growing. We are getting more girls on bikes in more locations than ever before. As an organization, we have had some great developments that have really made an impact. This spring, we put the word out that the Little Bellas was ready to hire, and the response we got was overwhelming. We had a number of impressive candidates for the position, and we were truly humbled that so many powerful and qualified individuals wanted to be a part of the organization. It was a tough decision because we could see each and every applicant making an impact, but we welcomed Kitty Bartlett to the Little Bellas in June. Barlett brings an impressive fundraising resume to the table as well as a great perspective of the organization. Her daughter has been a Little Bella for years so she has experienced the Little Bellas from a valuable vantage point. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have her on board.

Recently, we also added Lea’s Specialized teammate, Kate Courtney, to our line up. Courtney has always been passionate about the organization and volunteers whenever she gets the chance. Now, Kate, a student at Stanford, is working for us in a more official capacity through a summer internship. We are glad to add her exuberance and drive to the team, and we think both Kitty and Kate are a great match for the Little Bellas. Combined with the tireless commitment of our board of directors and Sabra’s leadership, we really think the Little Bellas is poised for the great things in the future.


In addition to the organization’s development, we’ve run two of our biggest national camps, the Sea Otter Classic and the Beti Bike Bash, with much success.  Working together with the Amy D. Foundation to meet growing demand for the program, we’ve started another chapter in Denver, CO in addition to our Boulder chapter. Both chapters have literally started with flying colors with color day. Little Bellas is venturing to the southern U.S for the first time with an Atlanta, Georgia chapter starting later this summer. In Vermont, it’s busy business as usual. We have already run two half-day weeklong camps this summer. Both camps got the chance to meet professional cyclists. Gravity racer, Joanna Petterson, visited our first camp while Olympian, Lea Davison, visited the second camp. Lea even had a local news crew in tow to capture the excitement surrounding her recent second place at the world cup. Some of our Little Bellas made it on the nightly news. Our full day weeklong camp is happening this week, and our skills camp for older girls and Little Bellas graduates is this weekend. Our second Vermont Sunday sessions is right around the corner during the beginning of August. As you can see, the Little Bellas has all engines firing. We’ve already had one of our best seasons yet, and there’s still more to come.

Thanks for following along.