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  • HOW TO with our Little Bellas Pro Ambassadors

    We checked in with our Pro Ambassadors during the lockdown this spring to find out all the ways they were staying positive, active and connected during the pandemic. It turns out that when our Pros are off their bikes they are full of inspiration and creativity in their everyday pursuits. We sure hope you’ll watch, learn and share these videos with others!

    Science is cool!Food is fuel. Inspiration, Play and Gratitude.
    Volcanoes - Part I
    Volcanoes - Part II
    STEM with Sarah True 
    How to Make Hummus
    With Haley Batten
    Indoor Scavenger Hunt 
    With Hannah Finchamp
    Chromatography Part I
    Chromatography Part II
    STEM with Sarah True 
    How to Make Granola 
    With Julia Kern
    Gratitude Challenge
    With Kate Courtney
    Naked Egg Experiment
    STEM with Sarah True 
    How to Make Fudge 
    With Kelsey Urban
    How to Make an Inspiration Board
    With Savilia Blunk
    Magic Milk Experiment
    STEM with Sarah True 
    How to Make Fir Tips Oil
    With Maghalie Rochette

  • Play Bike Bingo With Us!

    There's still fun to be had when you aren't riding bikes which is exactly why we designed Bike Bingo. We sure hope you'll join in on the fun! Read More...
  • Mountain biking in Johnson City, Tennessee

    Next stop for Little Bellas 2020: Johnson City, Tenn.

    This post is part of our “Postcard from…” series to introduce the new Little Bellas programs for 2020. Read More...
  • Postcard from Erie, CO, our latest Little Bellas chapter

    This post is part of our “Postcard from…” series to introduce the new Little Bellas programs for 2020. Read More...
  • Little Bellas lead Nyla Hurley riding in Cody, Wyoming

    “Come to Cody” they said, “Ok, how’s June 2020*?”

    This post is part of our “Postcard from…” series to introduce the new Little Bellas programs for 2020. Read More...
  • Welcome West Marquette County, Michigan!

    This post is part of our “Postcard from…” series to introduce the new Little Bellas programs for 2020. Read More...
  • A Tuscaloosa mentor helps a Little Bella

    Greetings from Tuscaloosa, Registration opens Dec. 1

    Little Bellas is proud to welcome back Tuscaloosa, Ala. for 2020!  Read More...
  • Little Bellas 2019: a recap, Harper’s Index style

    You’ve shown us that there truly is strength in numbers and 2019 did not fail to surprise us with some impressive data.  Read More...
  • Little Bellas + SRAM MTB Mamas = success

    SRAM MTB Mamas' free, half-day mountain bike clinics were offered to the women who have girls involved in the Little Bellas in both Philadelphia and Knoxville this year. Here's what happened... Read More...
  • What to look for in a girls’ mountain bike

    What a bike ride really is, is multiple opportunities for a young rider to experience success. To get her on that path to success, the right mountain bike will help take her there. Read More...
  • Challenging all Little Bellas: can you rip this? Yes you can!

    We’ve had something in the works for a while with Specialized...introducing the limited edition Little Bellas Pitch bike and Tactic III helmet! Read More...
  • Health Hero Challenge: Help change a girl’s life in 15 seconds, here’s how

    Little Bellas lead, Caitlin Thompson, has chosen Little Bellas as her cause if she is voted as a finalist in the 2019 Philly Health Hero Challenge. Read More...
  • Here’s your winner for Little Bellas’ 2020 Jersey Design Contest

    There's strength in creative freedom and, in collaboration with Garneau, we invited Little Bellas to create a jersey design that reflects how they see themselves.  Read More...
  • Park Tool Calvin

    Hey Park Tool! Help me get Back to School

    Your bike can lead you to great things and, if going back to school is more about the journey than the destination, then make the trip a safe route by making sure your bike is working at its best. Read More...
  • Up next in August: Programs, Ask a Pro, and get this – maybe a new bike!

    August seems like a nice time to lay back and soak up summer…unless you’re a Little Bella. If you’ve been patiently waiting for your program to start, hurrah! August is finally here!! Read More...
  • Partner Spotlight: What makes a healthy snack for active kids? by Clif Bar & Co.

    This month Little Bellas shines its Partner Spotlight on Clif Bar & Company – specifically on Jenna Braddock, a mom and consultant dietitian who tells us "What makes a healthy snack for active kids?"  Read More...
  • Ask a Champ this Wednesday, July 17

    World Champion and Little Bellas Pro Ambassador, Kate Courtney, will be taking over the Little Bellas Instagram account for a Q&A and YOU have the chance to submit your questions to Kate! Read More...
  • Little Bellas in the News

    We've always believed that there's something to this mountain biking thing — now it's not only us who's saying that. See who else is chatting up Little Bellas in this roundup of Little Bellas in the news! Read More...
  • Up next: what’s new with Little Bellas in July

    Our wheels are spinning so fast as we head into July that who needs brakes when Little Bellas nationwide are the ones who are punching up the pace?!  Read More...
  • Partner spotlight: Louis Garneau Role Models feat. Little Bellas

    “Be the change you want to see” – that quite literally is what inspired founders Angela Irvine, and Sabra and Lea Davison to create Little Bellas.  Read More...
  • Happy Father’s Day!

    In advance of Father's Day this Sunday, we wanted to recognize all the dads who've cheered us on from the moment we took our first pedal stroke up until now. Your ability to teach without preaching, to challenge us to go beyond our limits, and – for sure – to hide your terror when we Read More...
  • Now hear this — Little Bellas to achieve 60 programs nationwide by 2022!

    Forget mountain biking for a minute – after all what is it except turning the pedals and rolling over some dirt? It’s dangerous too. If that were true, someone is gonna’ have a tough time explaining why more than 3,500 girls, ages 7-13, have participated in a Little Bellas program since it began in 2007. Read More...
  • Julia Kern on top of a snowman

    How to Build the Ultimate Snowman

    by Julia Kern One of the best things about winter is that it is snowman season! What better thing to do outside after a snowstorm? Regardless what age I was, I have always been a fan of building a snowman. It is a way for me to play outside in the snow with friends and Read More...
  • Commitment to Community

    Over the years, many of our Little Bellas Program Leads have been recognized for their commitment to their communities and their desire to keep kids active. We wanted to take a minute to recognize these ladies for their achievements and overall awesomeness. Read More...
  • Independence is empowering.

    by Sarah True, Little Bellas Pro Ambassador, US Olympian, and Pro Triathlete Independence is empowering.  I was reminded of this fact during my first visit to the Hanover chapter of Little Bellas.  Before riding, I watched the girls systematically check their gear, using the ABCs (A for air or tire pressure, B for brakes and C Read More...
  • Who Really Uses Positive Self Talk? I Do!

    by Hannah Rae Finchamp Little Bellas Pro Ambassador and Pro Mountain Biker I can. That is how most of my positive self-talk starts. It starts there, but it loops back, checks behind every corner and ends somewhere that I can actually believe.   We all do it. We talk ourselves into and out of every situation. Read More...
  • Little Bellas Launches Ambassador Program

    Little Bellas announces a new partnership with seventeen female ambassadors to help grow the mission of empowering girls through sport. Through communication and participation in the Little Bellas’ programs, these inspirational ambassadors will be instrumental in achieving programming in 25 states and 60 programs by 2022. “Connecting our mission to professional athletes with the launch Read More...
  • sprinklers kids

    5 Ways to Get Your Children Ready for the Summer Outdoors

    Summer is coming, and your kids are looking forward to the school break as well as the time outdoors. If your kids aren’t used to spending a lot of time outside because of inclement weather or winter illness, it’s time to get them ready. Spending time outdoors is important for kids for many reasons. It Read More...
  • strong, brave girl

    Brave Girls, Brave Women.

    As a mom of two boys, I rarely think about what obstacles they may face in their future, because they are boys. It seems to be a given that boys can pretty much pursue whatever dreams they aspire to. My 4-year-old son has a shirt that says, “You Can Be Anything” and I truly believe Read More...
  • little bellas booth at rasputitsa

    Rasputitsa and Specialized Partnered to Raise More Than $18,000 for Little Bellas

    On April 21, more than 1,300 riders came together in Northern Vermont to ride the Rasputitsa Spring Classic. Riders rode 40 miles over the muddiest, coldest and most rural section of the state. Through the sale of Rasputitsa event tees, water bottles, and raffle tickets for a custom-painted Specialized Diverge frameset, the combined forces of Read More...
  • bentonville arkanasa winter program

    We Just Can’t Stop for Winter

    Bentonville, Arkansas has become a cycling Mecca. With fast-paced growth comes lots of girls hungry to ride and learn even in the winter. After our inaugural spring Little Bellas program ended in June of 2017, two of our older girls express their desire to continue riding, but their parents weren’t into it and wouldn’t let Read More...
  • Karen

    Strong Women Quotes

    The goal of our program is more than just getting more girls our on bikes, it is to instill a sense of confidence that they can carry with them throughout their lives. Our mentors are the main driving force behind this, but there are some incredible women out there with a lot to say about Read More...
  • Avery Jersey Winner

    Little Bellas Custom Cycling Jersey designed by a Little Bella

    We call it the off-season, but don't let that fool you.  There is nothing slow or off about it!  It's that time of year when riding bikes with girls across the country fade to mere echos in our daydreams.  We fill this void with preparation for the next summer's jam-packed schedule of sessions and programs. Read More...
  • SRAM MTB Mamas

    SRAM Women’s Program and Little Bellas Launch MTB Mamas

    With the new year underway, SRAM Women’s Program and Little Bellas offer motivation for women looking to improve their mountain bike skills with the launch of the MTB Mama Programs. The inaugural program will take place in Carver Lake St. Paul, Minnesota and Burlington, Vermont. A limited number of spots in this free half day Read More...
  • B Project part of Little Bellas with a Specialized Bike

    B Project: In Search of Challenge and Adventure

    We’ve all tried something new at some point. When I was seven, I tried mountain biking at Little Bellas. For years, I enjoyed the fun-loving, supportive environment of Little Bellas, just as many girls across the country now do. But, as the program ages, so do the girls. Here in Vermont, there is a community Read More...
  • Bittersweet Women's Weekend

    Bittersweet Women’s Weekend

    Rasputitsa and Little Bellas team up to launch the Bittersweet Women’s Weekend presented by Colavita Rasputitsa, the esteemed spring gravel cycling event, and Little Bellas, the mountain bike organization whose goal is to help young women realize their potential through cycling, today announced the opening of registration for an all-women’s outdoor recreation event, Bittersweet presented by Read More...
  • Little Bella with Camelbak hydration pack at Sea Otter

    The Camelbak Hydration Guide

    Mountain biking with my daughter is one of my great joys. We’ve been tooling around together on the trails since she was eight. They were simple ones at first. As she grew older (she’s 12 now), so too did her confidence, her bike skills, and her ability to push through the harder hills, not to Read More...
  • young girl sleep

    Sleep Will Make Your Child A Superhero

    Sleep is amazing! It’s kind of a mystery as to what exactly happens in our brains during sleep, but we need it. Read More...
  • family from Philly

    It’s Just Like Riding a Bike

    There is a sense of freedom that lures each of us to riding a bike.  According to the American Bicyclist Study, the number of children riding bicycles declined by more than 20% between 2000 and 2010 (even as the number of children in this country increased by 3%).  We truly believe in getting #moregirlsonbikes. Sometimes Read More...
  • Lea Davison snacking with a group of Little Bellas

    The Insider’s Guide to What a Pro Athlete Eats

    At Little Bellas, we recognize food as a source of fuel.  In fact, we teach kids to try to eat the rainbow.  No we aren't talking gummy snacks and popsicles.  We mean fruit and vegetables.  Red fruits and veggies help keep your heart strong.  Orange fruits and veggies help keep your eyes healthy.  Yellow fruits and veggies help Read More...
  • young girls preps healthy food

    The Skinny on Childhood Obesity | Download Ten Tips for Parents

    In the United States today, more then 1/3 of all children and teens are overweight or obese. Childhood obesity is a serious problem. It puts our kids at risk for poor health and complications down the road. There are many myths out there about obesity. Unfortunately children (and adults) who are overweight or obese get Read More...
  • Sabra Davison checks out the Specialized Pitch 650b Little Bellas edition with a group of Little Bellas

    Specialized Women’s Pitch – Little Bellas Edition

     The Story Behind the "Heart of Gold" Concept Specialized Bicycles has created and launched a Little Bellas Edition Women's Pitch mountain bike. The Little Bellas edition mountain bike is intended to honor, encourage, and empower girls to ride bikes.  The gloss Chambray blue base colorway with gold foil accents immediately draws attention.  Girls can individually Read More...
  • Grand Prix North Star Bicycle Festival

    Celebrating Women in Sport (Little Bellas Style)

    The Minnesota Little Bellas had the opportunity to give out awards for the North Star Grand Prix Pro and Amateur bicycle races in MN June 14-18, 2017. This opportunity was won through a raffle at the Pedal4parity event, an event celebrating women in sport through the lens of cycling, whose aim is to bring together Read More...
  • women on sidelines at Beti Bike Bash cheering

    Beti Bike Bash Retrospective

    Colorado served up another spectacular weekend for the Little Bella's Beti Bike Bash camp!  The Dream Team of mentors (Els, Kelsey, Amy, Gage, and myself were greeted with blue skies, perfect riding temperatures, and stoked little rippers as we descended on Lakewood, Colorado for two days of camp.  It is so great to be partnered Read More...
  • Kate Courtney on a trainer in the Specialized Racing tent poses with her mom

    Mom and Bikes and All Things Great!

    In our Marin Chapter, we have something special.  All chapters have something special, but it this one we have 2 sets of mom-daughter mentors.  So on a day when we give homage to moms, we thought we'd feature these duos because moms and bikes teach us: There will be so many times you feel like Read More...
  • Martha Flynn at QBP Headquarters

    Little Bellas Mentor from Minnesota named Bike Educator of the Year

    Martha Flynn, Little Bellas Program Lead,  has been recognized as Educator of the Year by Bike Minnesota Bicycle Alliance for her work with the Little Bellas and the Minnesota High School Cycling League.  Local bicycle enthusiast, Ashley Starr, nominated Martha for the award.    Martha accepted the award at QBP Headquarters, with encouragement and support from Read More...
  • Little Bellas ride through crowds cheering at Beti Bike Bash

    Little Bellas and Beti Bike Bash: A Win-Win

    Beti Bike Bash presented by Stan's NoTubes is the largest women's only mountain bike event in the world.  Founded in 2010, the event serves up a little something for everyone regardless of age, experience, or ability, but in particular, Beti Bike Bash has played in integral role in the growth of Little Bellas and the Read More...
  • girl with diabetes rides her bike with no hands

    A Girl and Her Bike: Let’s Add This Up!

    I have a short story about a girl and her bike. The girl is my daughter. I am an accounting professor, which means I am much better with numbers than words. So, let me start with some figures. After all, “numbers tell a story” is what I tell my students year after year. 12 is Read More...
  • Anna Singer - Vermont Mentor

    From Little Bella to Mentor: Meet Anna Singer

    Not many know the insides and outs of Little Bellas like Anna Singer. Anna, one of the original Little Bellas in the inaugural program ten years ago, will join the ranks as a Mentor this summer and come full circle with the program. We asked Anna to reflect on her most memorable moment in Little Read More...
  • Women's Guide to Nutrition

    Women’s Guide to Nutrition – Part Two

    Women's Guide to Nutrition - Part Two (The Implications of Weight) Stacy Sims, PhD, is an Environmental Exercise Physiologist and Nutrition Scientist. Her long academic and sporting career includes racing at high level in road cycling, XTerra, and IRONMAN triathlons. One consideration women have is a power to weight ratio optimal for high performance. We have Read More...
  • Hazel Brewster racing for Bicycle Express

    Get to Know Hazel Brewster

    Hazel Brewster has been riding bikes for as long as she can remember.  A natural extension of her everyday life, it took until high school for Hazel to realize bike racing was even a thing. Today, as a competitive cyclist, Hazel knows both sides of being a female cyclist.  She knows the hardships,  the absence Read More...
  • Katerina Nash of Clif Pro Team

    Q&A Session with Katerina Nash

    Kateřina Nash (born December 9, 1977 in Prachatice) is a Czech cross country skier and cyclist.  She recently earned a Bronze Medal at the 2017 UCI World Cyclocross Championships!  (born December 9, 1977 in Prachatice) is a Czech cross country skier and cyclist.  She recently earned a Bronze Medal at the 2017 UCI World Cyclocross Read More...
  • women's guide to nutrition

    Women’s Guide to Nutrition – Part One

    Women's Guide to Nutrition - Part One (Understanding Nutrition and the Menstrual Cycle) Stacy Sims, PhD, is an Environmental Exercise Physiologist and Nutrition Scientist. Her long academic and sporting career includes racing at high level in road cycling, XTerra, and IRONMAN triathlons.  Read what Dr. Sims has to say about women-specific nutrition: Throughout my years of Read More...
  • Lea Davison with Beats by Dr. Dre on

    Lea Davison’s Winter Training Playlist

    Lettuce, turnip, the beet! Lea Davison is a co-founder of  Little Bellas and a two-time Olympian.  Boom!  Not to mention, she earned a Silver Medal at the 2016 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships in Nove Mesto na Morave, Czech Republic, and the list goes on.  Yup, that's her.  But you know that!  If you don't Read More...
  • video of the magic behind Little Bellas

    Sprinting into Our Tenth Year: A Note from Sabra

    We are absolutely sprinting into our tenth year at Little Bellas.  With this milestone, we have to reflect for a moment on the past ten years. . . We have perfected the art of riding next to a girl.  This ensures the most fun possible is achieved on a bike.  Seemingly a simple task, there Read More...
  • a Little Bellas racing at the 2017 US Cyclocross Championship

    Cyclocross Nationals : A Little Bellas Perspective

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve been riding bikes.  My brother has built bike jumps and features all over our back yard.  My mom says that he ruins her flowerbeds, but that’s where I and our neighborhood friends started getting our bike skills.  My family goes mountain biking most weekends in the spring, Read More...
  • Chloe Woodruff

    Q&A Session with Chloe Woodruff

    Chloe Woodruff (born July 21, 1987) is an American cross-country cyclist. She placed 14th in the women's cross-country race at the 2016 Summer Olympics.  Woodruff participated in the 2017 Women's Ride Calendar for Little Bellas, and we caught up with her to chat about some very important questions we had weighing on our mind. What Read More...
  • Catharine Pendrel of Clif Pro Team

    Q&A Session with Catharine Pendrel

    Catharine Pendrel (born September 30, 1980) is a Canadian cross-country mountain biker from Fredericton, New Brunswick. A member of the Canadian National team since 2004, Pendrel was the world champion in cross-country mountain biking in 2011 and 2014 and the 2007 Pan American Games champion. She is also the current reigning Commonwealth Games champion when Read More...
  • Primal Jersey Design Contest

    Hey Little Bellas! It’s that time of the year again … Primal Jersey Design Contest time! You submit your designs, your mentors vote to select a favorite jersey, and then we all ride in your art next year! You can use a computer or make your masterpiece by hand. Draw, paint, sketch, etch, or otherwise Read More...
  • Pros Mentor Pros

    "Behind every successful woman is a tribe of women who have her back”  I stumbled upon this quote recently (full disclosure I was deeply lost on the Instagram explore page) and was struck by how accurately it reflects my own experience. At every stage of my life, and particularly in each stage of my cycling Read More...
  • Socks for Women!

    In the wake of the recent debacle at Interbike (involving certain socks that were placed in welcome bags), DeFeet began brainstorming about how we could transform the negativity surrounding ‪#‎sockgate‬ into a source of strength, positivity, and power for women and girls in the cycling community. One voice came through quite clear in the midst of all Read More...
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