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We are growing and getting more girls on bikes than ever before! We are currently expanding our programming with a deliberate approach that will ensure quality in each new location.  Being awarded a Little Bellas chapter in your location takes some planning.

New chapters follow this path:

  • Step 1-Submit New Chapter Interest Form (below)
  • Step 2-Participate in an informational phone calls
  • Step 3- Receive application (if elements for success are present)
  • Step 4- Submit application, cover letter and resume
  • Step 5- Participate in prospective chapter interviews
  • Step 6- Further qualification and follow up steps
  • Step 7- New chapter decisions determined

Before starting this process by completing the New Chapter Interest Form below, be sure your area has the 3 following elements:

  1. An enthusiastic, organized chapter lead with mountain bike experience, who is a leader in her mountain biking community, has a passion for mentoring girls on mountain bikes and is able to commit her time and resources to the launch and operation of a Little Bellas chapter.
  2. A venue to support a Little Bellas program: trail system with at least 5 miles of beginner and intermediate trails, flat grassy field area to play games on bikes, and a parking area.
  3. An active cycling community to support volunteer Little Bellas mentors.

Thank you for your interest in starting a Little Bellas chapter.

STEP 1: Complete Following New Chapter Interest Form


    Phone Number:

    Email Address:



    Why do you want a Little Bellas program in your community?

    Describe your concept of an ideal Little Bellas mentor.

    What would you most like for a Little Bella to have learned after her Little Bellas program experience?

    What is your community like? Is it cycling inclined? Urban? Rural? Athletically inclined?

    Quality mentors are critical to the success of the program. What may be some potential sources for mentors in your community (e.g., collegiate bike teams, existing women’s cycling group, riding friends, etc.)?

    Little Bellas needs a rideable, relatively flat open space next to or nearby a trail or trail system in order to run its programs. Does your area have a park or facility fitting this description? Is there a bathroom? Pavillon? Tell us about your trails.

    It is helpful (though not required) for a program lead to have previous experience in teaching or managing people. Do you have any experience teaching (mountain bike skills or otherwise) or leading teams of volunteers. If so please describe.

    Do you have any questions for us?

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