Zoë Mcdougall | Little Bellas


Zoë Mcdougall

Pro Ambassador

If you call Hawaii your home, most likely you have some affinity for the ocean and water.  And oh Zoë does.  Check out the pic, it's pretty sick.  Zoë has been rising in the ranks of the Junior World Surfing league for the past couple years, competing all over the world.  With first place finishes in event in both South Africa and here in the US, she is cementing herself as a up and coming force to be reckoned with in the WSL.  And it's not just all about the board, however.  In addition to being an ambassador for Little Bellas, Zoë is also an ambassador for the Surfrider Foundation who focus is raising awareness for ocean conservation.  She also finished high school while traveling to surf competitions and she free dives.  Free dives, meaning she has dove to depths of 70 ft and can hold her breath for roughly 5 minutes, which is exactly 4 minutes and 50 seconds longer than I can.  Zoë adds a level of sport diversity to our Pro Ambassador program, helping us reach more girls no matter what activity they love!