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Tayler Wiles

Pro Ambassador

Tayler says her road to becoming a professional cyclist was not planned, straight, or smooth.  Kind of like a road you see and think, “Hey, look at that, let’s see where this goes.” and it takes you to some of the most amazing places you’ve ever seen and might not have known existed.  She was in med school, on her way to becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon. Her, “Hey look...” moment was meeting someone, with a passion for riding that met her need for an athletic outlet. Now she’s a professional road cyclist, crushing races and eating cookies all across the globe. She’s been 2nd at the Tour of California and 10th at the UCI World Time Trial Championships to name a few races and chocolate chip Hershey Kiss cookies to name a few cookies.  It’s like Tayler’s life, is a metaphor for her life. Mind blown. Keep being awesome Tayler!

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