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Stephen Odefey


Most days Steve can be found with his two daughters and Little Bellas participants, Ellie and Jillian, exploring the outdoors or running to various practices/rehearsals. In addition to that, Steve has spent many years practicing law in large private firm and in-house settings representing a diverse array of corporate clients from small start-up entrepreneurial ventures to Fortunes 500 companies.

Why Little Bellas?

Because Little Bellas is first and foremost about empowering girls and young women and inspiring them to accept and love themselves for who they uniquely are. Because Little Bellas fosters the development of confidence and self-esteem and promotes healthy lifestyle choices. Because Little Bellas helps girls see the world as full of opportunity and possibility rather than as constrained by gender-based limitation.

What's your day time job? 

Some-time attorney and all-the-time father of 2 amazing girls.

What's your hidden talent?

I play a mean game of Scrabble

What's a fun fact that people don't know about you? 

I learned to juggle as a kid while working as a potato picker (as I waited for the tractor to come back around)

Favorite food? Leftover home made, all local, shepherd's pie with a fried duck egg on top for breakfast

What's your favorite Little Bellas experience?

It's impossible to give a favorite, but the first was watching the impact of the fantastic crew of mentors with the girls in my older daughter's first Little Bellas camp when she was 9. On the final day of camp, it brought tears to my eyes when they all shared something positive about each kid and talked about how the week went. It was clear that these mentors had truly reached these girls, and had developed profound bonds of respect and genuine affection. My daughter, who was kind of a cautious, quiet kid, was practically glowing with joy and enthusiasm afterward. She was so proud of her accomplishments and she seemed to stand a little taller. From that moment on, I was Little Bellas biggest fan.

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