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Kristal Boni

Regional Coordinator: MOUNTAIN REGION | Erie, CO Program Lead

Where do you call home? Erie, CO

Why Little Bellas? I'm a big fan of getting more kids on bikes. I love that Little Bellas offers a non-intimidating environment to bring girls and women together.  Plus, it's fun!

If you had a super power, what would it be? Flying

Favorite color? Pretty much any shade of blue.

Favorite ride snack? Clif ZBar filled Apple Almond butter. Yum!

Favorite food? I enjoy a variety of foods but one of my favorites is Risotto with a variety of vegetables and/or meat mixed in.

Hidden talents? I make really good chocolate chip cookies.

What is your favorite Little Bellas experience? Pretty much anytime I get to experience an "aha" moment with a girl. It's so cool to see her confidence and excitement when she overcomes an obstacle.

What is a fun fact that people don't know?  I spent a majority of my childhood in Forks, WA, made famous by the "Twilight" series.

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