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Sarah Schreib

Program Specialist

Schreib grew up in East Fairfield Vermont and even though she wasn't born in Vt, she always considers herself a Vermonter.  She attended James Madison University on a full basketball scholarship and graduated with her degree in both Biology and English. After a few years of playing basketball overseas and traveling around the US, she settled back in VT, became a fitness professional, took up road cycling, racing and was thus born a new love of cycling in general. As a child, her parents said she was never indoors and not much has changed, working and playing as much as she can outside. A passion for the outdoors, pushing limits, and challenges has brought her to mountain summits all over the US and around the world, including one of the seven summits. She is always looking for new ways to use nature as her playground and can be seen on the trails and roads all around the greater Williston area.

Where do you call home? Williston, VT

Why Little Bellas? 

The Little Bellas seemed like a natural next step for me. I have been a mentor since day one and to watch it's growth, all while keeping the same message from that first day, has been amazing. The positive message and environment surrounding the program is unique and special. To have the opportunity to help further it's reach and develop new ways to reach girls and young women was really a no brainer.

If you had a super power, what would it be? I think I would want to be fluent in all languages of the world.

Favorite color? Navy blue

Favorite ride snack? Clif shots - fruit punch

Favorite food? Hamura's Saimin

Hidden talents? Obviously filling out questionnaires.

What is your favorite Little Bellas experience? 

I can't really pick out a favorite. I have so many amazing memories I've collected over the 10 years of being a mentor and a part of the Little Bellas.

What is a fun fact that people don't know?  

I own two giant draft horses I trained to pull wagons, logs, etc. And when I say giant, Edward is about six and a half feet tall at his shoulder. But he's a total teddy bear and loves to be cuddled.

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