Sabra Davison - Little Bellas


Sabra Davison

Executive Director, President, and Co-Founder

A native Vermonter, Sabra grew up in Jericho then moved onto Middlebury College to graduate in '07 with a Biology and Women's and Gender Studies degree. While at Middlebury, Sabra competed on both the alpine and nordic ski teams.  She has spent the last six years cultivating her professional mountain bike racing career, competing in several world cups, world championships, and one year racing off road triathlons. In the last few years, she has applied her love of bike racing to create Little Bellas.  Most days Sabra can be found running the trails in Waterbury, skiing if there is any snow on the ground, and baking yummy treats to stay fueled.

Where do you call home? Jericho, VT

Why Little Bellas? 

I feel like I have the best job in the world, empowering girls. It resonates with my soul, and I absolutely love this organization.  I not only love working with the girls, but also working with all of the people surrounding the Little Bellas that share the collective mission.  It's been a wonderful ride so far.

If you had a board super power, what would it be? 

Time travel so I could be at every weekly session in every part of the country

Favorite color? Sea foam green

Favorite ride snack? Any Clif mojo bar ever created

Favorite food? Italian

Hidden talents? I can sing

What is your favorite Little Bellas experience? 

I have a favorite with every camp or program that we run.  But there was a day at a Sunday session that our group rode to every single raspberry patch.  I love raspberries, and a lot of Little Bellas site that as their favorite experience unknowing that I shared the same.  This made it all the more special.  It's the little things.

What is a fun fact that people don't know?  

I can pick up things with my toes