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Sabra Davison

Executive Director (aka Adventurer in Charge)

As a lifelong athlete and outdoor enthusiast, she is honored to serve as Executive Director for the Little Bellas.  Sabra has worked and volunteered for Little Bellas for over 15 years.  Her favorite moments in the program have been working with this incredible team, learning from her own mentors, and riding with the girls.  Helping teach a girl to ride a bike for the first time, seeing a once 7 year old participant start her own chapter, or knowing at a glance what your fellow mentor needs to make the day the most memorable.... She believes these are the small moments where community builds and impacts are made.

Outside of the organization, Sabra can most likely be found biking or hiking in the summer with her husband Rich and their husky Dakota.  Just like Dakota, she prefers the colder temperatures.  She absolutely adores backcountry touring and participates in a weekly biathlon series.

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