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Richard Koenitzer

Board Chair

Richard has been involved with Little Bellas since 2012.  While spending his business career in the financial services industry, he has held a number of roles and management positions that include sales, consulting, product management, and strategic product development.  These experiences have been helpful as Little Bellas has been focusing on expanding our footprint and geographic reach.  Calling Boston Massachusetts home, Richard can often be seen on the cross country trails in Vermont, skiing at neighboring resorts, on our many backcountry trails in the shadows of Camel's Hump. As an outdoors enthusiast, he also enjoys time on the water while sailing and rowing, time on the bike, meandering the many roads and trails in New England.

Where do you call home?
Boston, MA
How many years have you been with Little Bellas?
Why Little Bellas?
Little Bellas offers a unique approach to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle.  The high energy and higher fun factor creates a positive and impactful environment for learning.
If you had a Board Super Power, what would it be?
To have the Little Bellas programs available to all communities across the country.
Favorite Ride Snack?
Peanut butter and jelly
Tell us about your riding and how you got involved in the sport?
Growing up in the Berkshires in Western Mass, riding a bike was all about fun, developing friendships, and a means of getting around and fostering a sense of independence.  As an adult, these experiences continue to grow.
What progression within the organization are you most excited about?
The growth and development of the organization.  It is rewarding to see the expanding opportunities and impact that the Little Bellas programs are having with the girls, families, and communities!
A fun fact about you?
A New Englander at heart - the days on the water, in the mountains, or on a bike with the constant and variable weather make the experiences even more enjoyable.
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