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Rachel Ciancola

Regional Coordinator: AZ, CA | Program Operations

Rachel grew up in Connecticut in a small town outside of New Haven (yes, the city with the absolute best Pizza, y’all can debate it later). Since a young age she has loved being outside in the woods. Nature is and has always been her playground - which led her to hiking and backpacking as a teen, and then graduating college with a degree in Parks, Recreation and Tourism. Before Little Bellas, Rachel worked in technical operations for a cycling vacation company which helped her discover her love for two wheels. Rachel is psyched to learn, try new things, and discover new hobbies. Most days you can find her either hiking, biking, or doing pilates followed by dancing to some live music. She is always planning around food, so if you're with her, you'll for sure hear about what's for dinner (or snack, or lunch, or apres). She’s also got a pretty cool mutt named Duke, also affectionately known in her house as "Stinker".

Where do you call home? South Burlington, VT

If you had a superpower, what would it be? Teleportation 

Favorite ride snack? Coffee Cliff Bar

Favorite food? But do I have to choose between tacos and sushi? 

Hidden talents? I can do the worm. It's seldom done and will only be busted out randomly. You'll never see it coming. 

What is your favorite Little Bellas experience? I'm super excited to have just joined Little Bellas and feel so fortunate to have already been a part of a Give it a Whirl day. I was with the younger group of girls. My favorite experience was being able to see the girls totally open up and feel comfortable genuinely being themselves in just two hours. You could see some of the first moment jitters during parent drop-off and by the end of the ride, we were all talking to each other and singing country music, one of the Bellas' favorites! Kaboose Karaoke, so much fun!

What is a fun fact that people don't know about you? If there's an opportunity to wear glitter, you bet I'll be wearing it. I also have a twin. Yes, there's a male version of me out there and no he's not a fan of glitter.

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