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Megan Waters

Regional Specialist: Park City, UT | Park City, UT Wednesday Program Lead

Megan grew up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where she learned to love outdoor play. She learned to ride bikes with her parents specifically on the back of their tandem during many bicycle tours! Megan moved to Salt Lake City, Utah for a job in 2012 and evidently hasn’t left. In addition to all sorts of biking, she likes to run, nordic and alpine ski and hike with Lottie Dog, her cute black lab pup. If she’s indoors you’ll find her nose in a book or smelling the sourdough bread she just baked and to clarify, baking sourdough was a hobby she adopted pre-pandemic! Girlfriends have always been an important part of Megan’s life and she loves that Little Bellas creates female social support and inclusion. Megan’s favorite food might have to be hot wings and penguins are by far her favorite animal on the planet.

Where do you call home? Salt Lake City, UT

If you had a superpower what would it be? I wish I could talk with dogs. or teleport!

Favorite ride snack? Anything fruity and gummy - I especially like chews and jelly beans

Favorite food? Buffalo hot wings

Hidden talents? Amateur singing, character acting 

Favorite Little Bellas experience? Riding Down Dog at Round Valley, a fun flowy descent, with the youngest Bellas - their joy and stoke is contagious! One girl said "it was so epic". My favorite memory!

What is a fun fact that people don’t know? I started biking really young with my parents - they had a custom bicycle built for three (I sat in the middle)!

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