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Lori Vosacek

Regional Specialist: WI | Cuyuna, MN Program Lead

Lori's personal motto is, Make a Difference.  What better way to make a difference then becoming a teacher, and it's exactly what Lori did.  She loves teaching and helping kids learn, be it in the classroom or out on the trails.  After moving to Cuyuna in 2016, Lori has been able to participate in all the outdoor activities her family loves.  All kinds of riding, bike tours, kayaking (land of a thousand lakes), and nordic skiing (remember, MN, snow-a-plenty), anything to be outside.  She has dove head first into the Cuyuna mountain bike scene by becoming a member of the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike trail maintenance “CREW”, and then becoming a ride leader for the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike team. In 2019, she was able to get another amazing Little Bellas chapter to the great state of Minnesota, and she started a school based mountain bike instruction program for kids. She even wrote grants to help raise funds for a school owned kid’s bike fleet!  We can only imagine what the awesome Lori will continue to bring to the area in years to come! Yet, she's the one who feels lucky to have moved to an area with such a large cycling community, like in Cuyuna, and now she's helping to expand and grow that community.  Making a difference she is!

Where do you call home? I am originally from St. Marys, PA, but I now live in Cuyuna, MN.

If you had a superpower, what would it be? I would like the ability to do things as fast as the Flash, that way, I could do laundry and clean the house in a few seconds.

Favorite ride snack? I like pistachios and protein bars.

Favorite food? Grilled chicken salad and soups.

Hidden talents? I am a very fast reader and I'm very good at drawing if I have a picture to copy.

What is your favorite Little Bellas experience? My favorite little Bella experience happens every year when I get to deliver a bike for the little Bellas to borrow for the season. I love making sure it fits and teaching them how to use the breaks.

What is a fun fact that people don't know? I was a cheerleading coach for an all star program and for a highschool team. I coached 2 year olds up to 18 year olds.  I was involved in cheering for many years!

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