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Lauren Hall

Pro Ambassador

Lauren wanted to follow in her NFL playing grandfather’s footsteps and become a professional athlete.  Not an easy task but with the help of tenacity and a little push from a brother, Lauren became a dominant force in women’s professional road cycling.  Even though at first, she didn’t even own a bike. Once this problem was fixed, she jumped on it and never looked back. Racing both foreign and domestic races, Lauren has an impressive resume of top ten and top five finishes with a healthy dose of wins in cycling’s biggest races.  Her most memorable? Taking first at Gent-Wevelgem, a race held in Belgium, one of the Spring Classics and dominated by Europeans. Not on that day. Once she realized she was going to win and crossed the line, she waited for her teammates so they could all celebrate her “Bubblegum” race win together.  (She couldn’t pronounce Wevelgem.) And in her “retirement” she recently won the Mt Lemmon Gravel Grinder because she could never truly walk away from the sport. For Lauren, staying involved, giving back, and making a positive impact will only help bolster the sport and help open more opportunities for those who want to follow in her “pedal strokes”.

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