Kelly Damschen | Little Bellas


Kelly Damschen

West Coast Regional Coordinator, Program Lead, and Bringer of the Fun

Kelly grew up surfing in southern California and playing competitive soccer. Continuing into college, she played both soccer and surfed professionally.  Now, as a mom to one of the coolest little dude ever, a middle school teacher every kid wishes they had, and Little Bellas Bringer of the Fun, the adventure never ends!  She can always be found mountain biking, surfing, paddle boarding or bringing her son and husband on amazing adventures. I mean, they have a rock crawler Jeep, need I say more.  Whether she's ripping with her friends or ripping with the Little Bellas, she wants people of all ages out on bikes and enjoying the sport. For Kelly, it's all about being outside, staying active, and meeting new people!

Where do you call home?  Spreckels, CA

Why Little Bellas?  I enjoy sharing my passions with others. Mountain biking has taken me to amazing places and introduced me to dynamic people. I want young girls to find themselves and discover the world through the lens of a biker. 

If you had a super power, what would it be?  To make waffles appear on command.

Favorite color?  Blue

Favorite ride snack?  Waffles and egg McMuffins

Favorite food?  The next meal

Hidden talents?  Headstands, making chicken different ways

What is your favorite Little Bellas experience?  I had a girl who cried on our first ride and wouldn’t go down even a slight hill. By the time it was time to head back to our game spot she was hitting switch backs and asking to try them a few times! The next session I did not attend and she fell. She told the present mentors that she wanted me to know she fell but she kept trying. I saw her the following session and she was so excited to tell me about her progress!

What is a fun fact that people don't know:  I have been a professional surfer, I love to play the ukulele and I will only eat(/drink) Vermont maple syrup.