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Katerina Nash

Pro Ambassador

Where to even begin when discussing Katerina Nash.  Most of the time, saying someone is a 5 time Olympian would be enough.  In her case, however, one would have to ask, which Olympics, winter or summer?  She's competed in both.  Yeah.  2 Winter and 3 Summer, nordic skiing and mtn biking.  Mountain biking has also lead her to 7 World Cup wins over her career thus far.  And then adding another sport, because why not, she has been a 3 time Cyclocross World Championship Bronze medalist.  Katerina simply loves to be outside, be moving, and sharing with her teammates and even other competitors the fun and satisfaction that comes from doing what you love.  And helping others achieve what they love as well.  She shows unwavering support for her fellow competitors, teammates, and athletes in general.  In 2017, Katerina applied for and was elected President of the UCI Athletes' Commission, the main governing body for all disciplines of cycling, their events, and regulations.  What better way to show your support and commitment to your sport and it's positive growth than to put yourself on the front lines with the policy makers.

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