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Ida Sargent

Pro Ambassador

If you are born in and grow up in the Northeast Kingdom of VT and are athletically inclined, you’re probably a skier, snowboarder, or cyclist.  Ida is no different. She went with skiing, of the Nordic variety. After attending high school at the Burke Mountain Academy, she went to Dartmouth College, where she majored in Biology and Psychology and now she has come full circle and is back teaching at Burke Mountain Academy.  Oh yeah, and she was also a member of the US Ski Team for seven years, went to 2 Olympics, numerous World Championships as a US Ski Team member, and just recently took the Classic Sprint National Title, while contemplating retiring. Ida did retire around March, only to go run a sub 3 hour NYC Marathon in November. But I don’t think anyone expected Ida to slow down much anyway.  She’s still a staple in her VT community and is always around and on the trails to help people, especially kids learn the joys of skiing and being outside!

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