Heidi Myers | Little Bellas


Heidi Myers

Marketing Coordinator (aka Crayon Evangelist)

What's your day job?

Public Relations and Marketing for Garneau, Co-Founder of Rasputitsa Spring Classic, Mom

Favorite non-cycling related activity?

Impromptu dance sessions in the kitchen or living room with my kids

Any hidden talents?

I am an expert air guitarist

Fun fact that people don't know about you?

I'm Finnish

Favorite ride snack?

Maple Syrup Favorite food? I'm very much, as my husband puts it, a food snob.

Favorite color?

White, though technically not a color

Favorite Little Bellas experience?

I'm new to all this, but in general, working with the Little Bellas crew brings a smile to my face.  The energy, camaraderie, and laughter is contagious.

Do you race? Ride for fun? Tell us about your riding and how you got involved in the sport.

After college, I started riding and running with my best friend.  We've done 3 half marathons and a handful or two handfuls of century rides.

Why are you excited about getting girls on bikes?

I think any female who rides knows the confidence and bravery it brings and how crucial those characteristics are for young girls.

What else should we know about you?

I really love to laugh.