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Haley Batten

Pro Ambassador

Haley was destined to become a pro ambassador for Little Bellas.  Not only was her first out of state race, when she was younger, the Sea Otter Classic, where the Little Bellas are resident rock stars, she also was a junior mentor for the program when Little Bellas came to Park City.  So many stars aligning for us! Haley probably would have been a Little Bellas as she was riding her bike from a young age and jumped into racing when she was 9.  Along side her younger brother, Haley was on start lines and racing against boys for most of her youth, given there were not a lot of girls racing at the time.  Sea Otter was her first experience in an all girls race and she got to ride against other fast girls, racing and ripping.  It lit her fire and taking the skills she learned racing with (and beating) the boys, she dove head first into racing world.  Since then, she has become a 4-time Junior National champion, was 2017's U23 US National Champion, placed 4th at the U23 Lenzerheide World Cup, and was ranked 4th overall in the 2017 U23 World Cup standing.  And like other of our Pro Ambassadors, Haley balances racing and riding at the professional level, with being a student, attending Quest University.  We're glad the stars aligned!

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