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Brad Accettella


Born in Long Island, NY, Brad began fostering his love of all things cycling by racing and working in bike shops at the age of 13. Throughout his career, Brad has worked for notable brands such as Iron Horse Bicycles, K2 Bike, Eddy Merckx, and Guardian Kids Bikes. As a passionate activist and volunteer, Brad sits on the board at the Newtown Bike and Trail Committee as well as the Housatonic Valley chapter of NEMBA. When he's not making the world better one bike at a time, you can find him hitting the trails, spending time with his beautiful wife and three children, and walking his dog, Emmy.

Where do you call home?
Newtown, CT
How many years have you been with Little Bellas?
First year!
Why Little Bellas?
Mountain biking instill confidence in kids and there's so much room for women in the sport. Little Bellas nurtures both of these ideals and I feel fortunate to be part of the team
If you had a Board Super Power, what would it be?
Speak any language fluently
Favorite Ride Snack?
Fruit snacks
Tell us about your riding and how you got involved in the sport?
I started riding seriously and racing at 13 years old. I started working at Babylon Bike Shop on the south shore of Long Island around the same time. The guys in the shop mentored me into the sport. I love riding all styles of bikes, but mountain biking has always been my favorite.
A fun fact about you?
My Chinese name is Miànbāo
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