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Arley Kemmerer

Pro Ambassador

Arley is a self-employeed, full time private practice lawyer with an enthusiasm for the outdoors and makes the claim to have the "best dog in the whole world", a chocolate lab named Kali.  Oh and she's also a professional Cyclocross racer with numerous World Cup races under her belt and podium finishes.  You know, in her free time.  She's already snagged the top spot on a podium for her first race out of the gates.   Seems like she's looking to keep her string of Top 20 World Cup finishes going, all the way though 2018.  Well, consistency is key.  Arley is not only an ambassador for Little Bellas but has been an ambassador for her sport of cyclocross for many years. She has helped organize and run clinics in an effort to promote and educate women about the sport and encourage them to try it out.  Dedication, drive, and a love of the sport you compete in, ya can't ask for much more than that.

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