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Angela Irvine

Director, Secretary

I have always believed you “learn more by doing…how to do the thing you are doing and about yourself while doing whatever it is you are doing.”  Oddly, I was am a bookworm and love the Dewey Decimal System.  When I was five I learned to ride a bike, rode down the street to the library, helped put all the books in order and then rode back home…across the brook, field and trail through the trees to our backyard.  I would love to be 5 again!  Best days EVER!

The concept of Little Bellas developed from a belief, a personal experience and professional recognition that outdoor experiences are critical to our human development and relationship to the world around us.  As an Outdoor Recreation and Leadership major in college, I learned to put my core values to good use and participate in hands-on experience that built my knowledge and understanding of community engagement, leadership and the value of peers.  As an adult, I developed a much broader understanding of leadership, mentorship, community engagement and vision.  Although my professional career has not been within the recreation industry, I have always engaged in community leadership and organizational development…and I go outside as much as possible.

The beginnings of Little Bellas truly was a belief that more girls should have the opportunity to ride bikes, mentors and engaged women were the best “vehicle” to get more girls riding and a “well of course this makes sense” mentality.  I am so proud to be a founding member of the Board of Directors of Little Bellas.  The leadership and development across all aspects of the organization is a testament to the dedication of the staff, mentors, Board, partners, parents and communities that we have the opportunity to be part of.

I am passionate about the health and well-being of girls in today’s world.  Our mentors and community partners are amazing resources that bring the vision of Little Bellas…and the FUN…into reality.  I have the privilege of being part of this wonderful organization. I am thrilled to be engaged in its growth, mission and commitment to the vision of communities with more girls on bikes.  A huge “thank you” to the entire team that makes this organization so special.

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