Angela Irvine - Little Bellas


Angela Irvine

Director, Secretary and Co-Founder

Angela has been with the Little Bellas program since day one. Active in the Vermont mountain bike community, Little Bellas naturally evolved from her desire to promote the sport and to provide a venue for women and girls to enjoy mountain biking together. She competed in the women’s expert division for five years (nationally and internationally), was the advisor to the Saint Michael's College cycling and mountain biking teams and competed in field hockey, gymnastics, and lacrosse through college. Presently, she works in higher education administration, serves on the board for Catamount Family Center and teaches graduate courses in administration. Gardening, landscaping, home design and travel are passions she shares with her partner, Eric. With two teenage boys at home, every opportunity to ride with the Little Bellas is considered a vacation!

How many years with the Little Bellas?

Since before Day 1

What is your day job? 

Higher Education Administration/Federal programs

If you had a board super power, what would it be?

To snap my fingers and have a Little Bellas program in every state and 5 foreign countries

Favorite ride snack? Any granola that doesn't have raisins

Favorite color? Dirt

What is your favorite Little Bellas experience?

There are way too many to write about BUT...I have to say, hands down, the first meetings with Sabra and Lea to come up with the Little Bellas program and how we might make it work will always be very special to me.  The common passion for making an opportunity available that none of us had and being willing to jump into something was how this all started.  To work with Sabra and Lea, who have never expressed that they thought I was nuts, has been simply the best.  There is a mutual mentoring relationship that goes on between us that means the world to me.  I am truly blessed.

What progression within the Little Bellas are you most excited about?

Any growth that gets more girls on bikes is what matters most to me.  As a business person, I am cognizant of growth that helps build a sturdy foundation for the longevity of the organization.  I think we have done a great job managing growth that allows us to build something sustainable.  We have consistently been approached with lots of ideas and I think we have been diligent in vetting what directions we can and should be going in.  I think the board has been terrific in the growth of the organization.  Great people...great skills...great passion.

What else should we know about you? 

I run around outside the box a lot with my ideas!