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Alison Tetrick

Pro Ambassador

Alison is the epitome of going out and experiencing life and all it has to offer.  Maybe it was growing up on cattle farms and finding ways to get out, adventure and have fun while living off the grid a bit that helped her seize every day that comes her way.  Like riding a horse while in full bike gear, we’ve seen the pic. She’s been a triathlete, a ridiculously accomplished road cyclist, and now, she has pivoted (not retired) from the road scene and taken up gravel riding.  Because why not. Then, why not sign up for the Dirty Kanza, arguably the hardest gravel race out there….and win it, breaking the course record. But for Alison, it wasn’t about the win, which was amazing and great, but about being able to share the moment with her team of supporters and everyone who helped get her there.  Because she knows athletes don’t reach milestones and accomplish great feats without a team of supporters behind them. And although she’s out there, crushing pretty much whatever she does, she always has a sense of where she came from, who helped to get her where she is now, and how she can inspire someone in their journey in the future.

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