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Pandemic pregnancies, Honoring Pride Month, CamelBak, and a Comeback

A shout out to our sponsors!

Our sponsors are as quick, nimble, and forward-thinking as a Little Bella who’s just mastered her first stretch of singletrack. Like her, our sponsors have looked ahead, assessed the risk, and then boldly employed their skills to achieve the best possible outcome. We wanted to toss out a few cheers to our sponsors who are gaining control over the disruption caused by COVID; who are celebrating victories by their amazing (postpartum) racers; who are showing their true colors this month; and who are teaching us how to properly ship our bikes (hip hip hooray)!



When values align, a partnership forms in more ways than one. We were thrilled when pro racer, Ayesha McGowan, accepted our invitation to become a Pro Ambassador because it's mentors like Ayesha who show Little Bellas that hard work brings results. Our friends at CamelBak saw that too and seized the opportunity to celebrate Ayesha's work hard, play hard ethos by bringing CamelBak's Horizon Drinkware collection to fans of Ayesha, CamelBak, and now Little Bellas too!


When we pressed pause on events last year, Specialized put away its popup tents, stored its banners, and stood by its racers, who were also benched by circumstances beyond their control. To add to the heap of trouble created by COVID, bikes suddenly became the “it” item to have and supplies of Specialized bikes virtually sprinted out of stock. Fast forward to now and Specialized is returning to events, as are its teams and racers. Supplies continue to be low, but this won’t last forever, the cogs of production are slowly grinding back to life, and we hope to see Specialized bikes make a strong comeback!


Check out BikeFlights' new Shipping Tips & Tricks series of one-minute videos to learn packing and shipping essentials
Thank you BikeFlights

If it hasn’t happened to you already, sooner or later you may get the urge to travel. Then you think, “Wouldn’t it be fun to go on a bike vacation?” (Um, yes!) To ease some of the logistics related to traveling with your bike, BikeFlights has created a Bike Shipping Tips & Tricks series of 1-minute videos to teach you how to do essential things that every bike shipper should know and do. The first five videos are already available, drop by the BikeFlights YouTube channel to get the rest of the new videos as soon as they roll out in the coming weeks.

LL Bean

LL Bean Logo

As a member of the 100-year club, LL Bean has spent more than a century inspiring and enabling people to get outside. These days more people than ever are exploring new outdoor activities, and LL Bean believes that it is even more important to ensure everyone feels safe and welcome. This month, LL Bean has launched its Pride Collection inspired by a commitment to ensure outdoor access for all.

Clif Bar

Catharine Pendrel, victorious in Italy with Dara
Clif Kid logo

Four of Clif Bar’s sponsored athletes had pandemic pregnancies and shared their individual stories on the Clif Bar blog and in a podcast on Spotify. One of those athletes, pro mountain biker Catharine Pendrel, returned to training soon after the birth of her daughter, Dara. She returned to World Cup racing less than four months after Dara was born and she recently won her race in Valle di Casies, Italy (Congrats!) And by the way, Catharine is also a Little Bellas Pro Ambassador.

We really like to bring you news about our sponsors because they do some pretty cool things. If you think so too, please join us in spreading the news!

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