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Specialized Women’s Pitch – Little Bellas Edition

 The Story Behind the "Heart of Gold" Concept

Specialized Bicycles has created and launched a Little Bellas Edition Women's Pitch mountain bike. The Little Bellas edition mountain bike is intended to honor, encourage, and empower girls to ride bikes.  The gloss Chambray blue base colorway with gold foil accents immediately draws attention.  Girls can individually decorate the bike using a sticker-kit included in the box.  This process makes her bike completely her own.  Like every Little Bella, the bicycle is special, bold, and beautiful.
Sabra Davison checks out the Specialized Pitch 650b Little Bellas edition with a group of Little Bellas

"The Little Bellas bike embodies our mission and allows anyone to bring exactly who they are to the product.  Each bike owner gets to design their own bike.  It's a blank canvas that allows for fun and customization." Sabra Davision, Little Bellas Co-Founder and Executive Director, remarks.  "It's our mission manifested through a product which gets people on bikes in a fun, creative way, while supporting more girls in the sport. The ability for each girl to be able to design her own bike not only celebrates uniqueness and character, but it also creates an emotional attachment with the bike.  Any person who loves bicycles can appreciate this seed being planted.  We all want kids to love bicycles"

Kayla Clarot of Specialized Bicycles presents the Little Bellas Specialized Pitch

It was important to create a bike for Little Bellas that reminds the young riders to never be afraid, and to always chase down what they love.  - Kayla Clarot, Specialized Women's Graphic Designer

Additionally, with every purchase of the bike, Specialized Bicycles will make a donation back to the organization.  Such donations enable Little Bellas to grow and empower the next generation of female riders. Specialized Bicycles has supported the Little Bellas organization for several years . Their partnership has enabled the organization to get more girls on bikes and help provide scholarships and bicycles to struggling families.
The one-of-a-kind Women's Pitch 27.5" - Little Bellas Edition will be available in August 2017 at Specialized retailers throughout the United States. It will retail for $450.00.

Specialized Pitch Details


The Specialized Pitch 650b features an A1 Premium Aluminum frame with Women's Sport Trail 27.5" Geometry.  This offers the most comfortable, confident platform on mixed terrain.
Custom SR Suntour XCT fork
Custom SR Suntour XCT fork features 80/100mm (size-specific) of coil-sprung suspension travel swings well above its weight class.
AShimano TX800 rear derailleur
A Shimano TX800 rear derailleur is built to with durability in mind.  You can rest assured that you'll have a reliable shifting partner for the long trails ahead.
Gold foil lettering representing the Heart of Gold Design Concept
Gold foil decals represent the concept and voice of Little Bellas. The Specialized Women's Mountain Bike Staff Team perfectly titled this project, "Heart of Gold."

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