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Riding the trail with speed, orienteering/spatial relations in a trail network, teamwork.

  • Split into two to four groups with at least one Mentor in each group. Being discreet, put the fastest girls in a group together as they will be pursuing/chasing the other groups.  
  • The goal of the game is to be the last group caught by the pursuit group. (If only two groups, the goal of the game is to escape the pursuit group for as long as possible).  
  • Set up a group mentor text with all mentors playing the game before any group leaves.  Make sure your ringers are on.
  • All groups leave and ride away while the pursuit group closes their eyes.  
  • After 5-10 minutes, the pursuit group sets out to find the other groups on the trails. 
  • Mentors! Get strategic. It makes the game more fun. For example, have the girls continuously pedal to cut down on noise from their free hub. Make group decisions about a ride plan together. Think about the trails the pursuit group would ride on first. Avoid heavily trafficked trails. Ride slow on low-traffic, concealed trails and fast on heavily trafficked trails. Riding strategically can also allow the girls to catch their breath. 
  • Once a group is caught, they join the pursuit group and together they try to find the other groups.  
  • Once found, text your fellow Mentors/groups using the group mentor text. When all but one group is caught, everyone rides back to home base together as a group.
  • Set a boundary or trails the girls can ride on, especially if you have a large trail network. 
  • Everyone must stay riding during the game.
  • Each group has to ride together as a unit. If your group gets split up, you are out!
  • At least one Mentor must go with each group regardless of the age or skill of the group.

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