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Registration Process Update!

We want program registration to be easy and fair, so we are transitioning all programs to a three week pre-registration period. 

This means if your program is in high-demand, you don’t need to wait at your computer for the moment registration opens. Everyone will have at least three weeks to sign up! Go ahead and take a deep breath now. If you have previously been able to register without pulling an all-nighter, not much will change for you.

With this new system, everyone will have three weeks to pre-register their participant(s) for Little Bellas. Pre-registration does not guarantee a spot, and we do not collect payment during the pre-registration period. After pre-registration closes, one of two things will happen: 

  • If the program is full or over capacity, we will go to a random selection process to determine who is awarded a spot. You will only be charged if you are awarded a spot. If you do not get a spot, you will be put on a waitlist in the order that is generated by the random selection process.
  • If the program does not fill, you will be awarded a spot and we will open the program to normal registration.

One month after pre-registration opens for your program, we will communicate with you via text message and the email provided regarding your registration status.

We hope this new process will ease some stress and help create a more equitable registration system for all Little Bellas girls and families. 

Happy trails!

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