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Little Bellas Registration – there’s always room for improvement!

This year, instead of giving you something, we’re taking something away: stress! We heard you when you said that a 3-week registration window was size XXL when you really only need a size L: a 1-week registration window. We hope this eases some stress when it comes to making plans for the family.

Most importantly, we learned that regions with different demands require different registration processes, so to solve those differences, we’ve evolved two processes to cater to demands. They are: Random Selection, programs that historically fill up in fewer than 24 hours; and First Come, First Serve, programs that don't fill up in 24 hours. 

Random Selection
We want program registration to be easy and fair, so we will run this program's registration with a random selection process. Everyone will have one week to pre-register their participant(s) for Little Bellas. Pre-registration does not guarantee a spot, and we do not collect payment during the pre-registration period. After pre-registration closes, one of two things will happen: a) if the program is full or over capacity, we will use a random selection process to determine who gets in; those who are not selected will be placed on a waitlist or b) everyone who pre-registered will be accepted into the program and we will transition to our usual first come first serve registration to fill the remaining slots.

First Come, First Serve

We want program registration to be easy for everyone, so this program’s registration will run on a first come, first serve basis. If the program fills to capacity, you will be able to join a waitlist and we will notify you if a spot opens up. If the program does not fill, registration will remain open until 2 weeks prior to the program launch date.

To find out when 2023 registration opens in your area, check your program page on our website.

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