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Q&A Session with Katerina Nash

Kateřina Nash (born December 9, 1977 in Prachatice) is a Czech cross country skier and cyclist.  She recently earned a Bronze Medal at the 2017 UCI World Cyclocross Championships!  Nash participated in the 2017 Women's Ride Calendar for Little Bellas, and we caught up with her to chat about some very important questions we had weighing on our mind.

What do you do when you don't think you can go on?  Go walking with my dogs.

What is your biggest source of energy?  Lola and Rubi

What are your favorite tv shows, movies, books, iphone apps?  Seinfeld, Modern Family, The World According to Garp, Instagram

What is your favorite non-race outfit? Jeans, mid-hight heals and nice shirt

What is your spirit animal? Ferret called Ben ( my childhood pet)

What does the last text message on your phone say? Fill out the Little Bellas questionnaire now! -From Lea

You're on an island. You make all the rules. What is the first rule you make? Rule would be having no rules and ultimate freedom for everyone.

What were you like in high school? About the same hight. Longer hair. Skier. Very interested in sports.

What type of sandwich do you want right now? Peanut butter jelly