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Primal Jersey Design Contest

Hey Little Bellas! It’s that time of the year again … Primal Jersey Design Contest time! You submit your designs, your mentors vote to select a favorite jersey, and then we all ride in your art next year!

You can use a computer or make your masterpiece by hand. Draw, paint, sketch, etch, or otherwise create in any medium you want ... the sky is the limit! Check out the Primal website for jersey ideas and feel free to use their design elements in your own design. We encourage you to find inspiration anywhere and everywhere!


Contest Rules:

-You must use the template. Click here to download the template PDF. It can be printed out on an 8.5 x 11” letter size sheet of paper or printed really large or you can illustrate the template using design software like Adobe Illustrator and send it electronically. It's your choice - all we need is the design!

- You may not design over a seam. This means that your jersey designs must stop where each seam starts. To explain, the front panels, side panels, sleeves and back panel will all be printed separately. They can’t be one continuous image. Instead, each part of the jersey should contain its own separate elements. Look at your current Little Bellas jersey as an example.

-Only girls enrolled in the 2016 season of Little Bellas may participate.

-Each girl may submit two designs. Remember to write your full name on each of them!

For your convenience, we’ve included the formal Little Bellas colors on the template. You are certainly not limited to these colors, but we do tend to love them! We also love fun patterns. Also for your convenience, we’ve placed our sponsor logos on the jersey so you know where they go and can design in harmony with them! We can’t wait to see what you dream up!

Please submit jerseys by Wednesday, November 2nd @ 8 pm EST.  Once all jerseys are submitted, the mentors will pick a winner. The winner's jersey will be digitized by Primal (some colors may change to fit Little Bellas branding) and printed as our jersey for the 2017 season.

Yay! Have fun with it, Bellas!

Please send designs to:

Little Bellas
PO Box 1083
Jericho, VT 05465


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