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Our goal is to create an experience where girls are having fun on their bikes. Little Bellas is a non-competitive program that offers week-long half and full day camps, weekly program sessions, and event camps for girls ages 7 to 18 years old. Our mentoring model allows girls to have fun on trails and play games in an uninhibited environment that encourages them to be themselves. We strive to help girls find a sense of empowerment and self-confidence through interacting with positive mentors, conquering obstacles, and mastering a skill.

One of Little Bellas’ founding principles has been to eliminate barriers to participation through financial aid and loaner equipment in our Gear Up program. Financial assistance is available for all programs and can be applied for by thoroughly answering the questions relating to equipment needs during registration.

Program Types

Weekly Programs

Weekly sessions lasting around two hours for a total of five to eight sessions.  We strive to have programs meet weekly, but we will have the occasional program break. These programs use on-bike games with a focus on fun to subtly teach skills and help the girls overcome challenges. Weekly programs are for the most beginner riders all the way to experienced riders and everyone in between.

Day Camps

Weeklong half-day camps for girls ages 8-10, and full day and overnight camps for girls ages 11-13. These camps focus on skills progression in a setting designed around games and program fun. We’ve found that mentoring in this way camouflages challenges and inspires self-confidence. Half-day and full day camps are all-inclusive while overnight camps are for advanced riders.

Ride Program

Weekly sessions lasting an hour and a half for girls of all riding abilities ages 12 - 15. This program offers a unique opportunity to explore a variety of local trail networks alongside our experienced mentors. Oriented around having fun, we ride in groups, encourage challenge by choice principles while on the trail, and create an inclusive community where girls realize that riding bicycles is indeed a lifelong pursuit. Aligned with our mission , this program is not based around racing or competition.

B Project

This program meets twice weekly with an objective to “mix it up” with hiking, biking, night riding, and more to create new challenges. An outdoor sports-based program centered around building confidence, self-esteem, and esprit de corps among young women ages 14-18. B Project is for advanced riders.

To find a program in your area, visit our Register page and click on your state to be taken to all the available camps near you.

We’ve provided lots of valuable info on our FAQ page; check it out for detailed answers to our most frequently asked questions!

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