Martha Flynn - Little Bellas


Martha Flynn

Mentor Lead

What region do you mentor?


How many years have you been a mentor?

I started with the program in 2015

What is your day job?

Health Care Administration

Favorite non-cycling related activity?

Relaxing and reading a good book

Fun fact that people don't know about you?

My dad and I won a lindy dance contest when I was in high school

Favorite ride snack? Favorite food?

Home made energy balls are my favorite ride snack. Favorite food in general? PASTA!

Favorite color?


Favorite Little Bellas experience?

"Sabra came to visit Minnesota last year to help with a girls summer class we were running through the Crank Sisters program of the MN High School Cycling League. I learned so much from Sabra about how to orient the program in a way that the girls had a positive and fun experience while learning the bike skills. My favorite experience was when we had color day. I was new to throwing the color powder and didn't have my technique down. I threw some red powder at one of the girls and it landed right on her face across her cheek! It looked like a big blotch of blood or something! I felt so bad and apologized. She had a smirk on her face and just kept riding. I noticed later that she didn't wipe it off. She wore that red color proudly the entire evening. When I talked to her the next week and apologized again she smiled and said, ""I really liked it."""

What else should we know about you?

I am a St. Paul girl, born and bred. If you think there can't be any good mountain biking in Minnesota, think again. Come visit anytime and I'll show you around to some rad trails.

Why are you excited about getting girls on bikes?

It is important for girls to find their voice and roar! I believe biking is a wonderful tool to help them get there. I'm excited to see girls gain confidence and a sense of their power and self reliance by gaining skills on their bikes. I'm excited to see girls support and lift each other up through biking with each other. I'm excited to see girls be goofy and loud and strong and fast and themselves on their bikes and know that biking is their sport and that they can make it whatever it needs to be to make them happy.

Do you race? Ride for fun? Tell us about your riding and how you got involved in the sport.

"I love racing and try to race as much as possible, but I also enjoy riding for fun and also commuting to see how many miles I can bike versus drive during the course of a year. My favorite riding is mountain biking and winter fat biking in the snow. I also dabble in some cyclocross racing, gravel riding, commuting and road riding/racing if there are no other options available. I love the bike community and getting out and riding with all different groups. I got involved in mountain bike racing after getting burned out from inline skate racing. I had mountain biked as cross training for a while, and decided to ditch my skates all together and jump into bike racing full force. My first year of racing I competed in 65 races, signing up for anything and everything. Through that I met so many wonderful people, many of them are now my closest friends. I also volunteer heavily with the high school cycling league. We just finished our 4th year and saw 750+ student athletes competing in mountain bike racing. How cool is that?!"