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Meet Lizzy!


My name is Lizzy Reed (Middlebury College ’15) and I’m going to be interning with Little Bellas this summer.

What is my experience with mountain biking you might ask? The most experience I’ve had with cycling not on roads or sidewalks was my first time riding a bike without training wheels. My dad gave me a push and let go. I was flying! Flying slightly towards the left… Flying extremely towards the left. I barreled down towards the ditch and achieved my first technical descent of mountain biking. I use the word achieve loosely as I essentially crashed. Fortunately thanks to my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle helmet I wasn’t injured (except my 4 year old self’s pride).

Fortunately I got back in the saddle so to speak last summer when I competed in my first sprint triathlon and got first in my age group.  After running a marathon with my mom last year I decided that at some point in my life I want to compete in an Ironman triathlon and the sprint triathlon was my first step! To my parents’ chagrin, I’m really excited to learn how to mountain bike as something really draws me to sports that consist of going fast down hills.

This past year I trained at the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center in the sport of skeleton. Skeleton is where you slide face first down a frozen track (the same track as bobsledding). I had a great time going fast and finished the season with a third place finish in my first race and huge PRs at Nationals (and a few stitches on my chin!).

When I’m not sliding down the track I play on the varsity volleyball team at Middlebury in the fall and row for the Middlebury Crew team in the spring. I love anything active from waterskiing to hiking in the summer to downhill skiing in the winter. I also love reading and playing with my dog Chase. My favorite food is pickles (sweet, dill, jalapeño, you name it!) and I’ve been known to eat an entire jar in one sitting.

You will be able to follow my progression through mountain biking and adventures as a mentor this summer.  Look for more weekly updates.