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Little Bellas and Beti Bike Bash: A Win-Win

Beti Bike Bash presented by Stan's NoTubes is the largest women's only mountain bike event in the world.  Founded in 2010, the event serves up a little something for everyone regardless of age, experience, or ability, but in particular, Beti Bike Bash has played in integral role in the growth of Little Bellas and the movement to get #moregirlsonbikes.  Co-founder and Race Director, Amy Thomas, outlines the history and philanthropy between the two organizations:
"In the first two years of the Beti Bike Bash, we had 25 junior girls total (14 and under). We wanted to attract more junior girls.  I had remembered seeing the Little Bellas Camp at the Chequamegon Fat Tire event a few years prior. A quick email was sent to Little Bellas Co-Founder, Lea Davison, to invite Little Bellas to come out to Colorado, and she replied within 24 hours with a resounding YES. In 2012, Little Bellas hosted their first camp at the Beti Bike Bash with overwhelming support. It was a win-win for everyone!
The missions of the Beti Bike Bash and Little Bellas have been similar. Both organizations work to get more girls and women on mountain bikes. While the approaches have been different, having the Little Bellas at the Bash is the perfect marriage, you might say like when chocolate discovered peanut butter! The Little Bellas race their own race (1, 2, or 3 miles) with their coaches and mentors. They are cheered on by their coaches and mentors, along with full support of all the lady finishers. We've since seen fields of upwards of 100 junior girls racing. There is nothing better than seeing the next generation of riders giddy and smiling together as they zoom around on single track.
Since 2012, we have donated $10,000 to the Little Bellas program. We have watched them soar from their meager beginnings form Vermont, to now programs in 12 states, including 2 summer programs in Colorado. We can't help but smile every time we see a Little Bellas jersey out riding here in the Rockies. " - Amy Thomas
We agree.  Alone, we are strong.  Together, we are stronger.  Here's to getting #moregirlsonbikes #morewomenonbikes !  For more information, visit:
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