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Little Bellas 2019: a recap, Harper’s Index style

*The Harper's Index was introduced by Harper's Magazine in 1984 as "statistics arranged for thoughtful effect." — Harper's Magazine, in Wikipedia, retrieved January 21, 2015, from

You’ve shown us that there truly is strength in numbers and 2019 did not fail to surprise us with some impressive data. Now that we’ve scraped our jaws off the floor, we wanted to share these stats with you here:

0 = the number of girls (out of 1,144 who registered) that were discouraged from participating in Little Bellas’ programs in 2019 thanks to Little Bellas’ scholarship program.

The one-and-only Flora Duffy

One (and only) – Little Bellas’ pro ambassador, Flora Duffy, is Bermuda’s first Commonwealth gold medalist and the only person to win three triathlon world titles in the same year (2016). She’s also the only person, male or female, to win the XTERRA World Championship five times.

The number of pro ambassadors who showed up at the same time on the same day at a single chapter of Little Bellas in 2019 = 5

image courtesy of Will Freihofer

5 new Little Bellas programs were introduced in 2019: Tuscaloosa, Ala.; NW Boston, Mass.; Sewanee, Tenn.; Knoxville, Tenn.; and Cuyuna, Minn.

Taste, probably the handiest of the five senses when it comes to snack time during a Little Bellas program.

Nut butter filled Zbars – the unofficial snack of choice of the 7,592 Clif Bar snacks that fueled Little Bellas’ adventures throughout 2019.

#SomeDayIsNow, the initiative by LUNA (a Clif Bar brand) led by some of the most accomplished female athletes of the past 25 years that seeks to close the pay gap for female athletes

Age at which girls start to doubt their own athletic competence: 14

Diana Ready, 2019 cross-country mountain bike champion for women 65-69 at the Huntsman World Senior Games…in the beginner category.

Asheville Little Bellas mentors 2019

Proof that selflessness knows no age, Little Bellas’ mentors range from 14 (junior mentor) to 68 years old. 2019 counted 454 mentors, 57 of those were junior mentors and 32 were mentor moms.

200 years – the cumulative sum of mentoring experience tallied up among returning mentors in some programs. Little Bellas mentors keep coming back and we love them for that!

7,800 – the number of single use cups that were eliminated thanks to 1,300 CamelBak Podium water bottles (size Small) designed to fit tiny bike frames

1.8 million posts on Instagram featured the hashtag #givingback at the time of publishing this blog

The Instagram logo is a deliberate design that blends warm  colors to convey energy and excitement.

27 = number of days that Little Bellas deliberately blended their energy with their excitement to lob 384 lbs. of color powder at each other on the ever-popular Color Day

Sunday – the most popular day in the Little Bellas schedule. Little Bellas programs occupied 113 calendar days this year with 260 sessions scattered throughout those days. 5 of those sessions landed on Sunday in various locations nationwide.

Thank you for a great season, see you next year!!

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