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BACK IN STOCK: 2016 Women Ride Calendar

Jan 2017 Instagram
Thanks so much for supporting Little Bellas by purchasing calendars.  Our 2016 Women Ride Calendad is sold out. 
This year’s Women Ride Calendar mixes spectacular racing shots, fun portraits of our favorite female pros, and advise from each pro about what they would tell their 8 year old self. Rest assure, that these women not only ride, they shred! The calendar also includes the pro’s birthdays and women’s road, mountain, and cyclocross world cup schedules. By purchasing a calendar, you are supporting women’s cycling at it’s most grassroots level. Help further the Little Bellas mission to get more girls on bike throughout the country. The calendar is an 8.5x11in saddle stitch digitally printed calendar.

Riders Include:image1

Catharine Pendrel
Kate Courtney
Lea Davison
Chloe Forsman
Annika Langvad
Kaylee Blevins
Katerina Nash
Emilie Siegenthaler
Emmeline Ragot
Erin Huck
Maghalie Rochette
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