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How to Build the Ultimate Snowman

by Julia Kern

One of the best things about winter is that it is snowman season! What better thing to do outside after a snowstorm? Regardless what age I was, I have always been a fan of building a snowman. It is a way for me to play outside in the snow with friends and family, and show off to the neighborhood my well-crafted and cool looking snowman. 

Although you may consider yourself an expert in building a snowman, there is much more to it than just running outside and rolling up snow. You have probably already figured out that not all snow actually sticks to itself, making it very difficult to roll when the snow is dry and fluffy. 

Here are some steps that will help you build the ultimate snowman this season!

1) Wait for the perfect snow. 

According to experts, you need about 4 inches of wet and heavy snow if you want snow that will stick together and form into a ball. Usually, that means it is the snow that falls just below freezing temperatures and sticks to the ground. A good way to test the snow is to see if you can make a hard, compact snowball by scooping up some snow in your hands and pressing them together. Not only does that mean it is the perfect time for a snowball fight, but it also a great time to build a snowman!

2) Grab some friends to join.

When the snow is right, grab some buddies, whether it is friends, family, or neighbors, because we all know, building a snowman is always more fun with other people!

3) Pick a shady area.

If you are going to put all the work into building a snowman, than why not try to make it last as long as possible? Find a spot that is at least partially shaded and have the snowman’s face directed away from the sun. 

4) Roll away!

Make a larger than average snowball and place it on the ground (save the snowball fight for later!) and start to roll it on the ground in all directions in order to form a nice round ball. Depending on how big you want your snowman to be, roll the ball until you reach the size you want, and then roll it to the spot you picked out. Remember, the base is usually the biggest of the 3 balls that make a snowman. 

Once the base is in place, push some snow along the sides on the bottom to make sure the lower half of the snowman doesn’t roll away! Flatten the top part of the ball so it is easier to secure the next ball. 

Using the same technique as the first ball, roll another similar size ball, just slightly smaller this time. Mount this ball on top of the base, and use snow on the ground to help fill in the gaps and secure the lower ball to the middle one. Finally, make a third ball for the head, slightly smaller than the last one and place it on top.

Tip: If you are building an extra big snowman, a great trick is to grab a wooden plank that you can as a ramp. If the balls are too heavy to pick up, you can use to ramp to roll the second and third ball to mount on top.

5) Make the snowman extra stable.

If your snowman looks a little crooked or you want to make it last, one trick is to take a long skinny stick or pole and stick it down the middle from top to bottom.

6)Use your artistic imagination!

Now comes the best part, decorating your ultimate snowman! Gather up anything you think would be fun to add to your snowman and get creative. Who said the nose has to be a carrot, why not a cucumber or celery? 

Hair: Have some fun with the hair, for example you can use twigs for hair, or make a Mohawk out of snow. 

Face: Use chocolate for the eyes, or orange slices. You can try a banana peel or grapes to make a smile, or try a funny other facial expression. And of course, don’t forget to decorate the nose! 

Hat:This was always my favorite; pick out a cool hat to place on the snowman! 

Arms: The classic twigs are the go to for arms, but why not try to build them out of snow or cardboard? 

Extra fun accessories: Food coloring or Gatorade is a fun thing to add some color to your snowman. Place a sign with your snowman and give it name. 

Find food or clothing accessories and decorate away. Put on a pair of old sunglasses to protect the snowman’s eyes, or wrap a scarf around their neck. Just let your imagination run wild and most of all, HAVE FUN! J

*Don’t forget to take a photo before it melts away!

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