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Hey Park Tool! Help me get Back to School

Park Tool Calvin
Calvin Jones of Park Tool, photo: Beth Welliver

Right now don’t even think about going to class, studying, and homework – that fun comes later. First let’s think about how you’ll get to school this year, could it be by bike? Could it be as part of a bike train where you and all your friends (or colleagues) ride together in one big group?

When you ride your bike to school, you can sleep later because biking to school saves time, you can build a stop for a treat (like hot chocolate or apple cider) into your commute, and you’ll get that singular rush of energy that only comes from spending time outside.

Your bike can lead you to great things and, if going back to school is more about the journey than the destination, then make the trip a safe route by giving your bike a little love before you start out.

What tools do I need? (follow link for full text and video)

Little Bellas sponsor, Park Tool, is the global go-to resource for tips on fixing your rig and ya’ know what? Park Tool has tons of useful free advice that covers (yup, we’ll say it) everything about bike repair.

As we ready ourselves to become even smarter and stronger this year, we wanted to share some Park Tool tips to help you get back to school by bike.

Fate Bike parts

"Creaking and squeaking noises are annoying, and can be a sign of more serious problems..."
Follow the link to learn about Troubleshooting a noisy drivetrain

Sometimes, when we can't ride our own bikes, the best way to make a borrowed bike feel like our own is to ride with our favorite pedals. Park Tool demonstrates how easy it is to carry out Pedal installation and removal in this post.

Hey Park Tool — thanks!

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