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Here’s your winner for Little Bellas’ 2020 Jersey Design Contest

Just so you know, Little Bellas’ tagline is “mentoring on mountain bikes” and not “monitoring on mountain bikes” – that important difference gives Little Bellas the autonomy to exercise their creativity in all Little Bellas activities.

There’s strength in that kind of creative freedom so we wanted to flip the script and get a little mentoring of our own. In collaboration with Garneau, the Little Bellas 2020 Jersey Design Contest invited Little Bellas to create a jersey design that reflects how they see themselves (remember, it’s not about us, it’s about them). The contest called out to all 2019 Little Bellas participants to submit up to two jersey designs using a template provided by Garneau. We humbly offered up some patterns to jumpstart the creative process but we quickly added that the sky is the limit; that we encourage all inspiration, no matter where it comes from.

The 2020 jersey design contest set a deadline of August 4, 2019, which seemed like just another casual summer day…until we added up the submissions. 50 designs landed in our Inbox! Next up was the difficult process of narrowing down the selection to a few finalists (if only all our “challenges” could be this fun!)

After some intense decision-making (and perhaps a bit of heated debating) we arrived at last at winning design. So without further delay, here's what Little Bellas nationwide will be wearing in 2020!

The jersey design contest has been taking place each year since 2014. Not sure if there’s a program in your area? Check our Register page to see if there’s a Little Bellas program near you. We will also be announcing new programs for the 2020 season in the coming months so if you don’t already, follow us on Facebook or Instagram to be in the know!

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