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Happy Mother’s Day!

Hey all you moms, here's to you for showing us how to fearlessly be ourselves on a bike, on a trail…in life. Thanks for your permission and encouragement to bust through boundaries, thanks for saying "Yes" when we wanted to take a different path, and above all, thanks for coming along for the ride, Happy Mother's day!

"Riding bikes is a positive outlet for us, a great stress reliever and something we enjoy doing together.  We love to explore and be outside in nature, so being on our bikes gives us an opportunity to see more things!  We love the excitement and the challenge riding single track has to offer.   We love fierce strong girls/women on bikes! Ride on!" — Stephanie and Millie

"When I mountain bike with Miren, we're in her element. I love to see her confidence as she coaches and encourages me." — Abby and Miren

"Why we love to ride together: 'Because there’s bumpy trails, and I like to bounce up and down! And take photos! And eat snacks!'" — Juniper, age 3 (with mom, Emma)

"I asked Annabelle why she likes riding with our family and her response was: 'We get to ride all around, explore, and see new things. Sometimes see some animals, too!'" — Alix and Annabelle

"We enjoy riding the downhills together and eating ice cream after our rides!" — Jillian and Evelyn

"My favorite part of riding with Eleanor is calling out her bike name every time we hit a drop….’Drop it like a sloth!’" — Becca and Eleanor

"My granddaughter, Nora, and I out on the trail. I’ve always loved riding a bike and it’s a great blessing that my granddaughter loves to ride with me." — Liisa and Nora

"We love riding together because we can go on adventures, smell the flowers, see the turtles, and eat snacks while enjoying fresh air and each other's company!" — Caitlin with daughter, Alice, and mother, Judy

"I love riding with Carly because I love spending time with my daughter. We both love the challenge of biking, staying fit, and exploring new places on our bikes. Here we are down hill mountain biking in Northern Italy in August of 2019." — Lori and Carly

"Quite simply riding together gives us a chance to bond and be silly together. It gives us a healthy activity to do and it challenges our skills. The girls are at the age where there is less ‘play’ in their lives, and riding in the woods is a fun, playful outlet!  It gives us a chance to talk and catch up away from younger siblings. I love riding with my girls and am so proud of their growth." — Michelle with Abria and Alette

"We love to ride together since we like to be active and outdoors together!" — Andrea with daughter, Kara, and mother, Cynthia

"I love riding with Cami to see her confident in her own skin and enjoying life!" — Amy and Cami

"We love spending time together and now that she is 16, wrapping up her HS sophomore year, our time together is better than ever and the conversations are insightful for both of us." — Carmen and Bella

"We love riding together because it gives us a chance to spend time together talking, laughing, and having so much fun!" — Jolene and Gracie

"So often I am seeing and watching my daughter in her experiences, and with the mother daughter program, I get to actually live in it with her and create a bond that is just our own. Her boost in self confidence through the mentorship program and her ability to 'show mom the ropes' has expanded her physical and emotional abilities." — Julie and Nora Jane

"We love riding bikes together because we love the adventures and knowing what we can accomplish." — Kara and Miriam

"Spending time outside is one of my favorite things to do with my family. Cate and I love riding together because it gives us a chance to connect in a fun way. We both challenge each other's skills and push each other to get out of our comfort zones." — Kristal, Cate, and Nick

"I love to ride with Rosa and Little Bellas because I get to see her dive right in and be fully involved. I especially love to see how she responds to the coaches as mentors and role models." — Shelley and Rosa

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