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Little Bellas, Primal Jersey Design Contest

Primal Wear Jersey Design Contest

It’s that time of year again! We are half way through our Primal Wear Jersey Design Contest. The submissions were so great last year, that we decided to leave the 2015 jersey design up to the girls again. The contest ends November 14th! You can draw by hand or electronically, print a pattern, use cloth…
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Little Bellas, Half Day Camp, Vermont

Half Day Camp- 7/7-7/11

The second half-day camp of Little Bellas was easier for me than the first week of camp. I’d first like to remind you that the camp is by no means easy. I woke up every day around 6 AM in order to get breakfast and drive my 50-minute commute to Catamount. I’m a college student; I’m not supposed to wake up that early! Working at a camp with 25 8-10 year olds is not easy at all. They have so much energy… So much… It was exhausting. Parents you can attest to that, I’m sure. However, I learned from Sabra about what good leadership really means, and that made camp a lot easier.

Amy D Foundation Scholarships

Amy D Racing Team

VeloNews reports… DENVER, Colorado (VN) – The Amy D. Foundation, a nonprofit organization created in honor of the late pro cyclist Amy Alison Dombroski, is introducing an elite race program for the 2014-2015 cyclocross season. Dombroski passed away in 2013 after a tragic accident while training in Belgium. The Amy D. Foundation was created shortly after
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Little Bellas, June Half Day Camp, Williston, Vermont

Half Day Camp- 6/16-6/20

I went to a lot of camps when I was younger because both of my parents work during the summers. Every week was booked with one type of camp or another. I went to pottery camp, soccer camp, lacrosse camp, sailing camp, sleep-away camp, Girl Scout camp,  “Learn to Row” camp, and what felt like
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Lizzy Reed

First Day on the Job!

During my junior year at Middlebury College, everyone was obsessed with getting a summer internship that would hopefully lead them to a bright future and yada yada.  After working at a camp on Upper Saranac Lake for two summers, I decided it was time for me to figure out what I was missing out on
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Meet Lizzy!

Hi! My name is Lizzy Reed (Middlebury College ’15) and I’m going to be interning with Little Bellas this summer. What is my experience with mountain biking you might ask? The most experience I’ve had with cycling not on roads or sidewalks was my first time riding a bike without training wheels. My dad gave
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