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5 Ways to Get Your Children Ready for the Summer Outdoors

Summer is coming, and your kids are looking forward to the school break as well as the time outdoors. If your kids aren’t used to spending a lot of time outside because of inclement weather or winter illness, it’s time to get them ready. Spending time outdoors is important for kids for many reasons. It
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strong, brave girl

Brave Girls, Brave Women.

As a mom of two boys, I rarely think about what obstacles they may face in their future, because they are boys. It seems to be a given that boys can pretty much pursue whatever dreams they aspire to. My 4-year-old son has a shirt that says, “You Can Be Anything” and I truly believe
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bentonville arkanasa winter program

We Just Can’t Stop for Winter

Bentonville, Arkansas has become a cycling Mecca. With fast-paced growth comes lots of girls hungry to ride and learn even in the winter. After our inaugural spring Little Bellas program ended in June of 2017, two of our older girls express their desire to continue riding, but their parents weren’t into it and wouldn’t let
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Strong Women Quotes

The goal of our program is more than just getting more girls our on bikes, it is to instill a sense of confidence that they can carry with them throughout their lives. Our mentors are the main driving force behind this, but there are some incredible women out there with a lot to say about
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Avery Jersey Winner

Little Bellas Custom Cycling Jersey designed by a Little Bella

We call it the off-season, but don’t let that fool you.  There is nothing slow or off about it!  It’s that time of year when riding bikes with girls across the country fade to mere echos in our daydreams.  We fill this void with preparation for the next summer’s jam-packed schedule of sessions and programs.
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SRAM Women’s Program and Little Bellas Launch MTB Mamas

With the new year underway, SRAM Women’s Program and Little Bellas offer motivation for women looking to improve their mountain bike skills with the launch of the MTB Mama Programs. The inaugural program will take place in Carver Lake St. Paul, Minnesota and Burlington, Vermont. A limited number of spots in this free half day
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Bittersweet Women's Weekend

Bittersweet Women’s Weekend

Rasputitsa and Little Bellas team up to launch the Bittersweet Women’s Weekend presented by Colavita Rasputitsa, the esteemed spring gravel cycling event, and Little Bellas, the mountain bike organization whose goal is to help young women realize their potential through cycling, today announced the opening of registration for an all-women’s outdoor recreation event, Bittersweet presented by
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Little Bella with Camelbak hydration pack at Sea Otter

The Camelbak Hydration Guide

Mountain biking with my daughter is one of my great joys. We’ve been tooling around together on the trails since she was eight. They were simple ones at first. As she grew older (she’s 12 now), so too did her confidence, her bike skills, and her ability to push through the harder hills, not to
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young girl sleep

Sleep Will Make Your Child A Superhero

Sleep is amazing! It’s kind of a mystery as to what exactly happens in our brains during sleep, but we need it. When we get a good night’s sleep, we feel like we have super powers! Scientists do not fully understand why we need to sleep, what causes us to sleep, and what causes us
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