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On Bike Games

If you find yourself standing around during the program, think about throwing in one of these games during the lull. This can be while you are waiting for some girls to get back from the bathroom, when you may be stopped for a mechanical repair or whenever the girls want some fun. Remember - the schedule is a guideline, feel free to mix these in whenever it makes sense for your group.

  • Dab
  • Red Light Green Light
  • Slow Race
  • Bike Limbo
  • Leapfrog Telephone
  • Sweet Shifting Hill Climb
  • Pump Track Relay
  • Shifter Knockout
  • Singletrack Pursuit

Off Bike Games

Off Bike Games are many times used as icebreakers, or when girls, especially the younger groups, are too tired to ride. The name game is played the first few weeks, or if a new participant joins the group. For off bike games, you will find the younger groups will want play these more often, and the older groups may not want to play them at all. Use your judgement for when and if to throw these in.

  • Name Game
  • Bear, Ninja, Cowgirl
  • Hey. . .Now
  • I Can I Am
  • Camouflage
  • Chicken Tender
  • Scream Run

Program Activities

These games require a little more preparation. Your group lead will let you know via the weekly email what activity she has planned for the day. Remember, you have group autonomy and if your group is having a blast on the trail ride and doesn't want to come back for the activity, that's fine!

  • Action/Location
  • Bicycle Cleaning
  • Bike relay
  • Color Powder Limbo
  • Color Pursuit
  • Crazy Sign Ride
  • Gem Bike Parts
  • Make Your Own Singletrack
  • Musical Bikes
  • Obstacle Course
  • Scavenger Hunt - Geographic
  • Scavenger Hunt - List
  • Trivia Relay
  • Water Balloon Relay
  • Water Blaster Biathlon
  • Goal Ride on Last Day

Camp Only Off Bike Games

These games are for camp programs only. Camps run for longer periods and the girls need more time off the bike so we give more off bike game options.

  • Commercial
  • Down by the Banks
  • Floor is Lava
  • Frog Detective
  • Link Tag
  • Scene
  • Song Off
  • What’s Your Animal

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