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Woodstock, GA Sunday Program 2019 (Session #2 – Fall)-WAITLIST

Program Details

  • Ages:7-13
  • Dates:9/15 | 9/29 | 10/6 | 10/13 | 10/20
  • Fees:$185 (Early Bird $165 until 6/1)
  • Time:4:00 - 6:20 pm
  • Location:Blanket Creek Park 2262 Sixes Rd. Canton, GA 30114
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Program Description

The summer is, unfortunately, over, boo!  Kids are back in school even though the weather and the riding is still amazing and perfect.  The move from care-free summer fun to important classroom hours is always a tough one.  A great way to help ease them back into exercising their brains, while still exercising their bodies?  The Little Bellas Woodstock Sunday Program!

The Woodstock Sunday Program meets five Sundays at Blankets Creek Park and is open to girls of all abilities.  Based around having fun, the program creates an environment to allow each girl to make new friends, ride trails, and play games, all while learning skills for the sport of mountain biking.  Whether it's riding the small bridges and occasional roots of the Mosquito Trail series or venturing to the log crossings and berms of the Dwelling Loop, Blankets Creek offers the program the perfect venue fun and adventure.

Girls and Mentors (we don't coach, we mentor) ride once a week and participate in games and activities to help them build confidence and mountain bike skills in a progression.  The girls will be given healthy challenges in a friendly, fun environment, both on and off the bike. This curriculum is designed to promote camaraderie among the girls, skill learning, and to perpetuate the love of mountain biking, all while having a great time! This program is for riding and fun and is not focused on competition.

Scholarships are available so please communicate any financial help needed by thoroughly answering the questions about her or her equipment needs when registering.


  • What's Included:A jersey, goodie bag, snacks & party
  • What to Bring:• Bike Helmet
    • Mountain Bike- In good working order
    • Water carrying device- Either a bottle to fit in a cage on the bike or a hydration pack.
    • Closed-toed shoes
    • Rain gear or extra layers if necessary
  • Schedule:1hr to 40 mins- Trail ride in small, age/ability appropriate groups
    15 min- Snack (provided)
    1hr to 45min- Games and activities (each day of the program has a different and unique curriculum)

Program Lead Contact Information

Brittany used her 2009 tax return to buy her first mountain bike.  I mean, is there anything more perfect?  I'm sure it fit right in with her family of bikes which has grown to 5.  And I'm sure Tina loves the company.  Who's Tina?  Tina is Brittany's cross bike the, shall we say, matriarch of the family.  Racing and riding all kinds of bikes is what Brittany is all about.  She's happiest in the mountains but isn't afraid to jump into the occasional crit now and then to spice things up.  She shares her home with two dogs, Bruce and Toby, and her husband, and shares her time with Little Bellas because she wants to make sure, in 10 years, there will be girls/women like her who want to continue to inspire girls to get out and on their bikes.  As a mentor, she was commonly heard using such phases as, "shredding the gnar", "brap", and "let's get rad" to get girls pumped and ripping on the trails, trying new things.  I don't see a change there now that she's a program lead.  Hey, when you're rad, you're rad.  And Brittany's rad.