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Vermont B Project

  • Registration Status:Closed
  • Program Type:B Project
  • Day(s) of the Week: Tues | Sun
  • Ages:14, 15, 16, 17, 18
  • Dates:6/27 | 7/2 | 7/9 | 7/11 | 7/16 | 7/18 | 7/23 | 7/25 | 7/30 | 8/1 | 8/6 | 8/8 | 8/13 | 8/15 | 8/20
  • Fees:$675
  • Time:Starting at 5:45pm on Tuesdays and 9:00am on Sundays
  • Location:Chittenden County and beyond
  • Financial Assistance: Learn More
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Program Description

Registration Information

We want program registration to be easy for everyone, so this program’s registration will run on a first come, first serve basis. If the program fills to capacity, you will be able to join a waitlist and we will notify you if a spot opens up. If the program does not fill, registration will remain open until 2 weeks prior to the program launch date.


Program Description

Since Little Bellas started, many girls have taken part, whether it was a camp, weekly program, or weekly ride.  Many girls have spent numerous year taking part in Little Bellas and have grown with the program, spending a fair amount of those years with us.  This presented a unique situation where girls started to "age out" of Little Bellas.  They weren't ready to go and we weren't ready to say good bye yet.  Thus was born, B Project.

The B Project is an outdoor sports based program centered around building confidence, self-esteem, and esprit de corps among young women ages 14-18. Focused around cycling, the program presents young women with adventurous activities designed to be fun, a challenge to their fitness and minds, and give them skills needed to set and accomplish goals.

 This program meets 2 days a week, with one session presenting an activity the women may be familiar such as mountain biking.  The challenge comes with varied terrain, longer duration rides, and trails they may or may not be familiar with. The second session will dabble in more adventurous activities, either combined with mountain biking or not.  These are activities they might not be as familiar with, of much longer duration to challenge both their minds and bodies.  The objective is to mix it up, keep them guessing, and allow them to adapt to the task set before them.

All these different activities will help prepare and build them toward a season finale goal, which will be revealed upon registration!  Regardless of this goal, the overall goal through the whole experience is to help them realize with the right skills, confidence, and mindset there are no limits. To promote them to seek out their own adventures and gain skills, both physically and mentally, to go confidently towards achieving their goals as they continue on the journey in life.

6/25 | 6/27 | 7/2 | 7/9 | 7/11 | 7/16 | 7/18 | 7/23 | 7/25 | 7/30 | 8/1 | 8/6 | 8/8 | 8/13 | 8/15 | 8/20 | 5:45pm on Tuesdays & 9am on Sundays

This program is designed to be compatible with participating in the Wednesday Ride Program and the Junior Mentoring Program.

Financial assistance is available if needed and we also have equipment available through our Gear Up program!  Please communicate any of these needs when filling out the registration form for the program.


Williston Program Lead

Sarah Schreib heads up the program, with her trusty fellow mentors, Gage O'Donnell and Hazel Brewster. Schreib has been a mentor for over fourteen years. Mountain biking, mountaineering, climbing, backpacking, trail running if it's outdoors, she wants in. She doesn't believe in limits and firmly believes with preparation and the right attitude, anything is possible. Gage and Hazel both share similar mindsets. Gage is constantly outdoors, riding, hiking, and enjoying the spoils of nature. Hazel recently finished her college degree (woo-hoo!), will be interning in Scotland for four months, and has worked on political campaigns for VT's governor but still finds the time to rip some serious Enduro races and mountain bike trails. The combined experience of these ladies is impressive and their dedication to this program is unsurpassed. Getting young women outside, challenging themselves, and experiencing new things is their main goal. They all realize the positive effect mountain biking had on their lives and making them into the women they are today.

What's Included:

• Mountain bike jersey
• Nightlights to use if needed
• Snack

What to Bring:

• Bike
• Clipless pedals
• CamelBak (50-75mL w/pack space)
• Regular backpack
• Hiking shoes/sneakers
• Windblock/waterproof shell
• First aid kit
• Tire repair kit
• Watch
• Specific items will be needed for the different sessions but a list will be provided for those sessions.


Tuesdays and Sundays

Some activities will include riding to Hinesburg Town Forest, bouldering/hiking around Mt. Mansfield, riding the Kingdom Trails, ride to hikes, and general wilderness skills.
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