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And you thought Little Bellas was all fun and games

Girl limbo-ing under a pool noodle

How do you get a kid to eat vegetables? By doing the same thing Little Bellas does to teach mountain bike skills – hide them in plain sight. The Little Bellas approach has less to do with skills and drills and more to do with intentionally “teaching” mountain bike skills through fun and games. For example, Bike Limbo supports body position and balance, while Leapfrog Telephone works on speed and bike control. In this way, Little Bellas stays true to its mission in an unexpectedly creative (and stealthy) way.

So far this approach has proven successful and, to keep it that way, we routinely develop new games to evolve the curriculum, always with our mission driving development. Instead of making sure our Little Bellas are “skilled and drilled,” we’ve opted for mission-based learning that’s cleverly rolled into our carefully curated activities.

Sometimes however, it’s helpful to know what Little Bellas is not.

Little Bellas with water guns

Little Bellas is not a mountain bike clinic or a safe cycling course (although safety is key to everything we do).

Mostly though, Little Bellas is fun!

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