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Little Bellas is a mountain bike organization full of amazing people. Learn more about how you can be part of the magic.


930 (s)miles for Little Bellas

Avery, Carol, Jill, and Liz – the Four Feisty Femmes – know something that our Little Bellas don’t…and we couldn’t be happier.
If you believe that girls deserve an equal chance in sports, keep reading…

5 magic words: “Let’s go for a ride”

Is mountain biking scary, competitive, or overwhelming for your kiddo? It’s not all that for Little Bellas (heck, it’s not even the point of LB), read on to find out why.

Mt bike season is here – time for a safety bike check!

Before we throw a leg over our bikes every spring, we do a safety bike check. It’s a nifty little ritual to get into before every ride and it can spare you big problems down the road (or trail). Click the link to watch our video!

financial Assistance & Gear Up Program

Little Bellas offers need-based financial and equipment assistance.


Start a Chapter

Start a Chapter

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Become a Mentor

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