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5 magic words: “Let’s go for a ride”

Little Bellas Ride programs inspire joy

Joy didn’t quite live up to her name on her first day of Little Bellas. In fact, she was anything but joyful at the idea of joining a group of unfamiliar faces to do something she hadn’t yet gotten the hang of. Mountain biking seemed scary, competitive, and overwhelming until she learned that mountain biking isn’t really the point of Little Bellas (surprise!) but instead it was about discovering her own capacity for compassion toward others, self-confidence, and how to uplift her new community of girls who mountain bike. Now the five most magical words for Joy are “Let’s go for a ride.”

Friends who ride have mountain biking in common but it’s more than just that. Riding off-road in nature also pays huge health dividends, like improved physical wellbeing and less anxiety. But mountain biking with friends who encourage you to take chances, and who celebrate your victories are the kinds of friends who believe in you – perhaps even more than you believe in yourself.

Many times it’s hard to find a group of people who have the same schedule and can ride at the same time. As a solution we created the Little Bellas Ride Program. The Ride Program is the next level of Little Bellas who want to continue riding once they reach the maximum age limit for a regular Little Bellas program. Open to girls of all abilities, the Ride program offers the girls a unique opportunity to learn how to ride mountain bikes from our most experienced mentors. Still based around having fun, the rides take them on trails they may know, trails they may not know, and really gives the girls a chance to try, learn, or hone their skills.

Little Bellas isn't about racing or competing

The program focuses on riding mountain bikes with peers socially with a deeper emphasis on mature emotional development.  Mentors in the Ride Program are ready to ask questions and get to know participants to be able to navigate situations and emotions that are specific to this age group. 

Get this: no previous Little Bellas programs are required to join, and all mountain bike skills levels are welcome!

Little Bellas Ride Programs happen around the country and, if you happen to be in the following areas, there’s still space available!

Park City, Utah Ride Program

Bentonville, AR Ride Program

Upper Valley, NH Ride Program

Chittendon County, VT Ride Program

Financial assistance is available if needed and we also have equipment available through our Gear Up program!  Please communicate any of these needs when filling out the registration form for the program.

A ride in nature brings joy
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